🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


You may want to…

  1. Read an article in the Fail
  2. Get down to Asda now…


Had to go to my mate’s funeral today. Fucking sweariest funeral I’ve ever been to. That guy was loved.

Most of the best, most creative things I do today, I do because he encouraged me to.

Having a glass on my own to him now. Rest in peace JR x


Neither seems that appealing.


2nd anniversary at The Unity tonight. Great people. Great beer. Hope they don’t move too far as they look for bigger premises.






Choices choices.

I am having lunch tomorrow at Ramsey’s Hospital Road restaurant, so it would be in my interest to take it easy tonight, but…

my Bro-in-law has suggested beers tonight and the Ayatollah in her infinite wisdom and forgetting that i cannot be trusted, has accepted.

The choice is drive and be fighting fit for tomorrow, or drink and pray that my inner idiot doesn’t come out to play.


Inner idiot is very persuasive some(all)times.


I would err on the side of caution so that it’s not an expensive waste of food.

This is like the devil and angel scene from National Lampoons Animal House!!


The Angel has never won, ever.


If you already knew the answer why did you ask? You’re as bad as Mrs BTripz you are!

Talking of Mrs BTripz she’s out at the cinema tonight so I may comfort my lonely existence with a couple of bottles of beer after the kids have gone to bed. However I am still hanging from Wednesday night!!

Anyone else notice that hangovers last longer the older your get…


Enjoy the alcohol then :grin:


Prevent hangovers

Stay Drunk


Anyway its saturday morning here and I am still on the Vodka and coke.


Was up the local pub, karaoke was rolled out. Our table of about ten people were taking it in turns to perform, i was dreading it because i have a voice like Ian Paisley selling newspapers. When my turn came around i fessed up and asked if it would be OK if i told a joke instead. I told Numptyboy’s story from the joke thread about the guy at the lap dancing club with his wife. It brought the house down. Thanks Numptyboy, i owe you one.


Not with Brufen


I thought Duerte shot all the Coke storekeepers


No the shabu shabu dealers

Coke is still freely available


Nice to see we are world leaders.
Apple Devs obviously follow this thread because they have just released a new Emoji for us (certainly more polite than Beltches Friday night offerings


That’s bordering on a stroke face that is. Also very similar to my cumface if any of you were wondering.