🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Wasn’t Bulgarian wine also held in high esteem by the Romans?
We’ve been misled for a long time, about the quality of product from old Eastern Europe and Middle East countries. Compared to French(or even Spanish) wine, there’s some great bargains to be had.


I have a few bottle of Chateau Musar cab Sauv 2004 … which should be perfect in a few more years… it is indeed excellent and would probably be considered if not Grand Crus then certainly second cru if it were French and cost inexcess of if £100 a bottle when bottled… it’s expensive enough at around £30

But is it a great wine! :blush:


I tried a bit of Lebanese in the Ivory Coast

She was very nice.


@PhilippineSaint enjoyed that so much he wrote a song about it for Chrispy Burger

Jeez this stuff is $100 a bottle at Duty Free here

This was always my favourite when I used to travel to Syria. Prefer it to the Reserve Du Couvant if I am honest



It really was touch and go between Ksara and Kefraya. I found the Ksara just a bit more Cab Sav and this a bit more Merlot to my palate but both great wines with a steak.



Friday night report: I had a long chat with the lesbian I’m in love with and she apologised for kissing me and I apologised for being in love with her and we agreed to be friends and I went home and had a lovely long cry about it over a bottle of wine and now I’ve decided I’m too old for falling in love with people and I’m dedicating my life to wanking.


You could work offshore with an attitude like that :lou_lol:


*not sure if “work offshore” is prison lingo…


more of a Betty Ford clinic but they pay you.


That genuinely provoked considerable LOLling.


Cheers Phil, i shall try some of both, as never had any before.


Sex with someone you love.


I honestly can’t even claim that, unfortunately. But at least sex with someone I consider an equal.


I love you dinger.


Likewise in a manly gruff chest bumping / man hugs sort of way



I suppose a thread about booze and getting shit faced would inevitably lead to the events associated with getting naked and ‘hiding the sausage’ / tipping the velvet (in the Zimmerman haters futile lesbian love quest)


Thanks chaps.

I’ll keep you up to speed with the wanking.


Just to tie up 2 posts from earlier, the only Lebanese I know is also a lesbian. So despite fancying her for years, I got nowhere and I even like her new wife.


Kleenex are apparently stopping selling “Man Size” tissues shortly. Best Buy some in if needed…