🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Trade show week. Day 1 Awards Night.
4 hours of categories of COC’s (choice of channel)
Anyway I will do my best to empty the free bar.
Gotta find a party for tomorrow as well all rest of week looking good


I’m getting pissed on my own, at home, on a Sunday afternoon.

This isn’t what being a grown up was supposed to be like.

Or is it?


It’s just a lesbian interruptus hangover, it won’t last.


It’s just occurred to me that I’m drinking free beer because I’m old, famous and most importantly (Or integration reasons) the only white guy here…
Mmm chicken tikka bites nom nom nom


Oops. It’s free beer. So obviously I’ve been smiling and saying please and thank you to the really cute waitress who is keeping my Heineken topped up (It’s free and not Amstel Light)
Anyway. Seems she is taking it the fluttering eyelids way.
Ah, I’ve missed those sorts of getting pickled nights




Bletch, we’ve got a live one here

Teach him how to do it with style



They shut the free bar 3 minutes and 26 seconds early.
On the plus side I got a goodie bag on the way out with a Poet laptop bag in it.
I was just getting into the whole Bollywood disco music vibe as well.
On the positive side, the waitress had moved on from holding my knee while asking if. I wanted another beer to the advanced Where you from line.
So probably for the best. Busy day tomorrow.
Anyone got any projects for a Fibre Optic System Integrator or a Fintech App developer?
Shit I need to iron my bloody suit


Regular viewers will recognise the shirt in the bottom right of the photo, whilst Kirsty is in the background. Photo credit (or demerit) goes to my pissed mate.


Could be anyone tbf

Well, not me or any of the other male reprobates on here tbf

Strange that all of the picture is in focus apart from @saintbletch ‘s shirt…or is the pattern just making my eyesight blur?


No, only Bletch could wear such a shirt. It looks a lot better in that photo though.


I was talking about the lady…oh, yeah, sorry.


Well, my mate was pretending to take a picture of me (I might even have been posing IIRC) and members of her party were apparently looking at him aware what he was trying to do - hence the hasty and out of focus shot. This was last year BTW - she wasn’t there last night.

She really is very attractive IRL too.


Hadn’t seen her on SSN for a while and it seems she left in June.



Sometimes, having Muslim friends has unexpected consequences. One friend was given this as a gift and passed it on where it has lain in my Wine fridge for a special occasion.
Think an early start to old relics day fits that

Nom Nom Nom


She’s still got it!

Love what they’ve done with the place more later!


Have a look on the deck directly above the Cunard sign on the port side and let me know if any of the orange marine paint I split all over the place is still there.


Spent the night at a local having a couple of Furphy pints watching Adelaide United ply some :soccer:. Can it get any better? Well, maybe watching Saints drinking said beer :slightly_smiling_face::beers:


You think I’m gonna walk that far right now!??!!??


Out for a few sherberts and a meal at a local Tapas bar in Weybridge with some old neighbour’s - should be nice and civilised.