😆 When I Saw This I Laughed Or At Least I Smiled Or At Least I Wasn't Bored

:laughing: When I Saw This I Laughed Or At Least I Smiled Or At Least I Wasn't Bored


Real life story. I ask the missus to pick me four beers up on her errands this evening. A short while after she returned, I visited the kitchen to retrieve one quarter of my refrigerating bounty.

The beers are there, stood proudly on their own shelf, unchallenged, but something is awry.

I’m just about to depart the kitchen silently when I suddenly turn on my heels. and say “I know what you’ve done, Ginge”.

I know I’m right immediately. The sight of a pale red headed woman going all red through blushing is not one you forget, and not one that happens for no reason.

Recovering somewhat, she says “What?”.

“You have bought more beers than are advertised in the fridge, and have concealed the rest of them from me”.

“They were on offer. Ten for £7.50.”, she protests, adding “besides, if they were in the fridge, you’d just drink all of them. On a school night”.

This is not true. I’d probably only have done eight or nine :slight_smile:

The surplus beers remain concealed.


Funny and not funny at the same time.


I know this is pure click bait but it made me laugh


As did this user review of the new Predators movie (warning, contains spoilers, at least they would be spoilers if you haven’t watched any of the trailers)

I was born in 87, saw Predator as a kid and became a fanatic. Then Predator 2 came out and I was happy with it. It had the same vibe and was very entertaining. I played Alien vs Predator in that huge arcade box version at my local Ames as my parents would pick up groceries. My grandpa and I even bought the Predator action figure and setup GI Joes hanging upside down from the trees in my backyard. Here we are decades later and I went to see this yesterday. I’ve never taken time to review a movie on here whether I liked a movie or not but today, I signed up an imdb profile simply to write this review. This was simply the worst movie I have ever seen in the theater. The CGI was awful, the story was atrocious, the jokes were written for 7 year olds but the gore was for adults. WHO IS THIS MOVIE FOR!? It caters to no crowd well. I was 100% upset this didn’t go straight to the scifi channel alongside Arachnophobia. It was so bad, at the end when they introduce Predators gift to man, The Predator Killer as they named it, I fully expected Arnold Schwarzenegger to step out as a Terminator. That’s how awful this movie was. That was actually a plausible ending to me considering how bad the rest was. AND the actual ending WAS WORSE.


I’ve done lots of them but fortunately BEFORE the “tourist explosion”…certainly wouldn’t do a lot of them again.

Mind you, you can still strike it lucky and go relatively unhindered…this in Sept 2015…


What is this ‘sex’ thing it mentions?


Is that you in the photo?



…it is uncomfortably close :disappointed:


I rest easy knowing I resemble none of the above.

They didn’t list “Geriatric Twat Who Thinks he’s a Musical Sponge”


More kitchen amusement. Ginge got back ten minutes ago. I swan in and ask what’s for dinner.

“Hunter’s chicken”, she says.

“Did you hunt this chicken?”, I asked.

“I hunted for it in TESCO”, she replies.

“Technically, that’s just foraging. In a place where they make it easy to forage”. Got her.

“Have you been down the Deysbrook Road TESCO lately? It’s getting as bad as the Breck Road ASDA. I’d say it’s definitely in the hunting category”.

Deflated, I have no further will to disagree. I’ve been to the Breck Road ASDA, and though I sit here shamed and defeated in the dirty man cave, the silver lining is that I’m not there now.

If her account is even half true, she did well to escape with her life and meals for the next two nights.




I was in Warrington yesterday, as close as I need to get to Liverpool- when the sat nav failed I saw places I don’t want to see in a car or sober - or both tbf.


I know they have Jesus in the squad but a God team?

City midfielder Bernardo Silva: "We have to focus on a poor first half when we weren’t at our best. We didn’t play with our usual intensity. We were not good enough tonight. It is what it is. We have to go after the next game.

“We are not favourites. We have a god team and will try to do better than last season.”





Well this Frog likes my taste in music


Why tho? :disappointed::face_vomiting::disappointed::face_vomiting::disappointed::face_vomiting:


Surely he’s more in favour of the withdrawal method? Fucking hypocrite.


Well played