:saints:👨‍🎤 👩‍🎤 What is the worst Southampton chant EVER?

Not sure about best but the one that made me laugh most was last season when we whooped Swansea at SMS … Where is your dragon now, where is your dragon now. Followed by Shove your dragon up your Arse …

My favourite at the moment is the Lemina song. COYR


When we played Fulham ( the Al-Fayed era) I particularly enjoyed a few bars of: “Statue of a paedo, you’ve got a statue of a paedo”.


I also chuckled during the recent Spurs game when “He spits when he talks, he spits when he talks, Harry Kane he spits when he talks” was thrown back at the Totenham fans.


Sit down Pinocchio still makes me chuckle

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He stands at almost 4 ft 3, papster, papster,

hes saved us all a fiver a year, papster, papster,

He loves Corbyn, he loves a fight,

the little scouse cunt is never right,

big mouth Paul, a fiver don’t come for free.


Sung to supporters of other clubs who called us yokels:

I can’t read and I can’t write, but that don’t really matter,
I come from down in Southampton town, and I can drive a tractor.
I can plough, and milk a cow, and drive a big green mower,
But the thing that I likes best is being a strawberry grower.


Hey Pap we need a button to press so we can just record these chants - I have no idea what everyone is wittering about - I usually just la-la-la along

none of that record it, upload it somewhere and link it…


“We want 9”

I’ve only heard that sung a couple of times.

Channon here-Channon there-Channon every fuckingwhere- lalalalalalalalala.

I love to go a wandering

along the Milton Road

And if I see a Pompey fan I’ll kick him in the head

Aha last Lee aha is last

The saints go marching on on on

Or something like that.

In your Liverpool slums

In your Liverpool slums

You look in the dustbin for something to eat

You find a dead cat and you think it’ a treat

In your Liverpool slums


We’re gonna win 7-6 etc

While 6-1 down at Anfield

I agree the ground is way to quiet at st Mary’s and half of the problem is most people there only know oh when the saints go marching in. The itchen and the northam ends are fine but the rest of the ground is silent.

You’ve forgotten the 'ello 'ello, Cobs :lou_angry:


The only time I’ve heard the whole ground chant in unison was We Want Rupert Out .


WTFILN was pretty epic the day we got promoted to the Prem


Eye eye eye eye Eric Martin is better than Yashin,

Mike Channon is better than Eusabio

And *United are in for a thrashin’…eye eye eye eye etc etc

*Usually a team who were likely to stuff 7 past us without reply.

He’s off to Brazil. He’s off to Brazil. Guly do Prado, he’s off to Brazil.

Sung near the end of season 2014.

Swing Lowe was quite a clever chant I thought. I mean, cos of the Clive Woodward thing.


Ah yes, dear old Guly do Prado. Possibly the worst Brazilian seen since David Blunkett had a bash at shaving his girlfriends minge. :lou_lol: