West Ham vs Southampton Match Thread

West Ham vs Southampton Match Thread


This is true…no word of a lie…the White Witch of St Mary’s is my Sister-in-Law…Cerridwen Dragonoak Connelly is her sort of name but in truth I’ve only met her once. She did phone once to ask if I knew the whereabouts of my brother (her husband)…but I couldn’t help her…haven’t seen him for more than 15 years. Surely I sould have a badge for this Pap.


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Streamed bankside here in the Loire. Stick your bubbles up your arse!

They were so shit that jwp scored :lou_lol:

4 in a row. A win in Israel and manager of the month.

Launder your sheets!

Mention my name throughout the valley and get some very cheap wine. :cool:

I am well known in just about every cave. :laughing:

This will also apply if you get across to Epernay for a drop of the old Moet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

COYS…We are world class :smile: :laughing: :cool:


Is it too early to say that Wanyama is now competing with Chambers and Lovren for the title of the player we’ve missed the least?


Clean sheets, the solution to a pissed bed if ever I heard one. Have a great holiday GB


I dunno, i’ve missed the fortnightly “time to give Gaston a chance?” threads on the other place.


You are right, we have not missed him, but he has been a rock for Spurs, nowhere near the same league of crapness that Chambers and Lovren are/were.

I know a few Liverpool fans and they are loving the ex Saints lot now, really coming through and being excellent for them. Dam!


Nah, we just saved that for the game :lou_wink_2:


I almost feel sorry for them :lou_sunglasses:


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I almost feel sorry for them :lou_sunglasses:

Naaaa…you don’t really do you. Wet Spam’s version of Alpine with his insightful summation of the game. :lou_lol:


There’s no fooling you slowlane :lou_smiley: I am going to use this as a motivational video, you know, kind of a ‘‘At least I’m not as miserable as this guy’’ theme, to help me put things in perspective when I’m feeling down.


It is best to say nothing sometimes in football. Why did he even need to comment… Knob!


Fishing. Is zen.


I really do feel sorry for them.

From the artificial crowd noise, to the thinly-spread and diluted fanbase, to the glory-hunters and hangers on, to the sterile airport-extension location of the ground, to the stupid countdown that they have during the pre-match build-up, to the crowd control people penning you in after the game, to the fact that authentic local-to-the-ground/tied-to-the-community pubs have been replaced by a big fuck off shopping centre with an actual casino advertised on the top of it, I can’t begin to imagine walking away from the stadium thinking ‘fuck, that’s where we’re going to be watching our football for the next three or four decades’ without feeling extreme buyers remorse.

And I truly think I’d be saying the same thing if the scoreline were reversed.

God help them.



Looks worse than some fans (Full link on BFS thread)


Same dude as in gavstar’s vid. Those West Ham fans are not happy.


I’m not happy you posted it…that’s 28 minutes long…can we have a transcript?


You’d prefer to read 28 minutes of footage. Sorry guv. I’m not your man :lou_lol:

Anyways, it’s kicking off again at the London Stadium.

What a wonderful tribute the porn lords and West Ham fans are providing to the Olympic memory.

The Telegraph are to be congratulated for getting this story without pretending to be wealthy Middlesbrough fans :lou_sunglasses:


At this rate their new ground will be costing them a fortune in fines.

Here’s hoping they are threatened with a points deduction too :lou_lol:


Add to that making them play matches behind closed doors, I would find that very funny.


Especially if they use their piped-in crowd noise to try and get an atmosphere.