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Worth Worth having a look at PewDiePie’s recent video after the shite he’s had coming his way from the MSM.

He basically made a silly joke referencing Nazis at the same level as 'Allo 'Allo referenced Nazis and has been dragged over the coals massively. I’m not a fan of his videos (although I don’t disrespect his success at all - he aims his content for kids which is completely fair enough) but he’s been treated digustingly.


If I didn’t like Compo on Last of the summer wine does that make me Anti Semonite?


Interesting question. Probably :lou_sunglasses:

Universities are being urged to act swiftly to tackle antisemitism on campuses after a series of incidents in recent weeks – including Holocaust denial leaflets, fascist stickers and swastikas etched on and around campuses – which have fuelled anxiety among Jewish students.


Readers with a memory that goes back, say two months, may remember an Al Jazeera series that was posted here, providing a shitload of evidence that the Israeli Embassy has been working with “British” pro-Israel groups.

The UJS, the chief source of the allegations in today’s Guardian report, features prominently in the AJ investigation.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit discovered that the UJS not only received money from the Israeli embassy, but also attempted to influence the NUS presidency election, and even oust Bouattia following her victory.

Michael Rubin, a young parliamentary officer and pro-Israel activist who claimed to work “with the ambassador and embassy quite a lot”, told Robin that Bouattia was “really bad” and “awful”.

“We were campaigning for the person running against her because we didn’t want her to win,” said Rubin, who was at the time of the election chairman of the Labour Students group.

During the election campaign, Richard Brooks, NUS vice president, held “secret” meetings with Russell Langer, UJS campaign director, and Rubin.

“We’d have our secret little purpose meeting where we’d plan how to get moderate people with good politics and any number of things elected to certain places,” he said, adding that the group worked “quite closely together”.

Robin explored with Brooks the possibility of ousting Bouattia.

The Guardian was barely interested in the evidence surrounding the Israeli Embassy story, yet makes the allegations of one of the co-ordinated groups its top story.


I watched the PewDiePie response before I heard this reported by BBC (on the radio). The BBC’s description of the response bore little resemblance to the content of the video. It stressed the apology (for making a tasteless joke that went to far) and completely ignored any criticism (in the video) of the MSM and the way in which PewDiePie had been quoted out of context and targetted for earning a good salary. I wouldn’t trust the BBC unless I was looking for a kiddy fiddler to throw money at.


I watch stuff from other international broadcasters, but listen to a bit of Radio4. It can be genuinely annoying when you’re clued up about an issue you know they’re purposefully misrepresenting, making you wonder about all the shite you hear which you’re less clued up about.

I reckon trust in the TV news is a generational thing. My mum and grandad get massively influenced by it; their opinions often reflect the day to day agenda, even if they happen to conflict from day to day. It’s still hugely powerful, something of a joke when you consider the extremely chequered history of the corporation.

They allowed a suspected child abuser to present youth-oriented shows. Their champion of children, Esther Rantzen, Childline founder, didn’t look so glowing after the Savile revelations broke.

There are some people that reckon Childline and Crimestoppers were actually gatekeeper organisations there to protect VIPs and government wrongdoing. Doesn’t really seem so far fetched.


A long read, but it kind of has to be.

Gavin Lewis’ extraordinarily well researched takedown of the Guardian and its McCarthyite pro-Israel stance.

Told ya Counterpunchwas a decent site :lou_sunglasses:



Another piece by Gavin Lewis on the BBC.


This thread appears to be a Pap digressing route from 5 murders, what are you saying Pap not implying? I find it funny tin foil heads all appear when something happens that’s not aggreable with their agenda.


Tin foil heads? Talking of people with agendas Barry…


I’ve learned long ago that things appear to @barry-sanchez very different than they do to other people.

Besides, the basis of your criticism is pathetic. Are you going to criticise every person that doesn’t post exclusively on the recent atrocity?

“The days of me not taking you seriously are coming to a middle”

Captain Malcolm Reynolds.


Bit late replying, as I’ve only just seen this post. You’re quite right though - the Guardian was sadly remiss in its total non-coverage of that story.

Sadly remiss indeed.

Unacceptably uninterested.

Just so in hock to the Israeli lobby.

All the above also fits just perfectly with the Gavin Lewis article you’ve linked to today.


What media do we believe?


I haven’t, it appears its a cunt killing in the name of his religion, am I wrong have I missed something?


Nice one, @thecholulakid .

Is that the standard of debate doled out to your sixth formers? If so, how does it work in real life?

Like this? :lou_sunglasses:


Fits the pattern of reporting that Gavin Lewis describes perfectly. Print something when it has no other choice.

Not two weeks later, the same paper was using claims from the UJS, discredited as part of the AJ investigation, and caught bang to rights, as if it were credible.

Interesting, but not a surprise to me, that people aren’t able to comment on any of those articles. I discovered similar censorship two years ago. I suppose the secret was bothering to look.


Wouldn’t be the first time the establishment would have done that, they have recently done it in Rotherham, Oxford and elsewhere.


Yeah, it’s shocking how the relevant authorities were too stupid or cowardly to do their jobs. No-one really covered that angle.

I assume you can’t be talking about the Muslim dimension. I’ve just spent the day listening to Radio4 doing their best to equate conversion to Islam as the gateway drug to radicalism, and the past fifteen years watching the media enable simpletons to conduct their own forms of stabiliser sectarianism.


A gentle reminder that if you do fancy getting some non-corporate news, there are plenty of places I’d recommend.

I’ll give another thumbs up for counterpunch, which is mostly US focused, but does cover the globe in terms of correspondents.



Don’t confuse ‘aren’t able’ with ‘can’t be bothered wasting their time’.


I’m not. As I said, I did this two years ago as an exercise.

If you’ve better data than what I managed to collect in that time, I am all ears.

Otherwise, I’ll consider this a shade above downvoting without comment.