The walking dead / Fear the walking dead / Flight 462

The walking dead / Fear the walking dead / Flight 462


I have seen the first two episodes of this, and am quite impressed. One the one hand, it’s really narrow. It’s just about a couple of families as things unfold. On the other, there is some very impressive civilisation disintegration happening on a wider scale. At the end of episode two, I think we’re going to have the beginnings of a group of survivors.

I can possibly see everyone holding out in the school for a bit.


Watched the first 5 now. It’s an interesting storyline but the budget seems even less than the Walking Dead - very little of the large scale action you’d expect in a city of millions. They’ll be making millions that’s for sure.


gr8 show for those who thought the best bits of Walking Dead was all the dumb, boring human melodrama.


They were very honest from the beginning of the show’s production by saying that it wasn’t going to be a “guts n glory” type gorefest, but more of a slow burn. I’m really enjoying it, but then again I am a big fan of the normal show so i’m probably biased.

If peeps are wanting action and drama, tune in to Ep 1 of the new series of TWD next Sunday/Monday - big shit’s going down!


^^^^ Agreed. I was reading some reviews online the other day and several people were making loads of comparisions with The Walking Dead and trying to even compare charaters, “is so and so the new Glen”, etc. It’s like they just want a clone of The walking dead, but just with different people. I’m also liking the fact it’s slowly building up and looking at things differently


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If peeps are wanting action and drama, tune in to Ep 1 of the new series of TWD next Sunday/Monday - big shit’s going down!

Apparently the first episode of the new season has more Zombies in it than any other episode so far!


So there’s now going to be a spin-off of the spin-off!

Titled “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462,” the 16-part web series follows a group of passengers aboard a commercial airplane during an early outbreak. Throughout the short episodes, viewers will see the plane and the lives of its passengers put in jeopardy, once they discover an infected traveler.

“Flight 462” will debut on Oct. 4 on and will then air during two commercial breaks during “The Walking Dead’s” Season 6 premiere on Oct. 11. Following the web series’ premiere, the rest of the episodes, which are each less than one minute long, will bow every Sunday, both online and on TV during the flagship show.

Continues here…


Anyone watch the first episode of season 6 tonight? Good episode in my opinion.


Not yet. Will watch tomorrow, if poss, and report back, but good to hear it was, er, good.


I was really looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead. There’s a whole load of drama in the slow discovery of the outbreak and the effect on towns and cities that was lost due to the (clever) opening of TWD. Also, TWD has really sunk into a mediocre soap opera with zombies in the background, which is what eventually happens to all long running series, not always with the zombies, but with whatever that series special thing is. In the end, there is never anywhere to go but versions of the same old plotlines surrounding character interaction. So we get the same old romantic conflicts, parent-child conflicts, crisis of self-belief problems etc that are all a bit samey.

FTWD gave them a legitimate chance to rewind the clock and go back to the fun, exciting starting bit and what did they do? They put the outbreak mostly into the background and focused instead on the family soap opera bit! It’s well made, but ultimately a wasted chance to give us something interesting and different in the world of TWD. I hope it improves, but the breakdown of civilisation is almost complete already, so what else is there left but the plot of TWD (and every other long running series) to be rehashed.

Now they’ll need to go to NY and restart all over again and try to make a sparse, tense and genuinely disturbing series about the outbreak.


Yep, good points there, agree ‘Fear’ missed a trick, like you say it’s already got to the point of breakdown. I thought they would have focused more on the development of the people first getting the virus, where to start with people might have survived longer knowing they had it but hadn’t turned yet, or the turn was slower. I thought the end of episode 6 was a bit dissapointing as well.


I can see why people didn’t like FTWD so much, it was a bit of a missed opportunity in many ways. Would have been better if they’d made it an 8-10 episode season and fleshed out the bits between the city falling and the militarised zone being established. Ultimately though, I enjoyed it - I am a bit biased because I love TWD so much I guess I was just pleased to get another dose of the same stuff i’m used to. Looking forward to Season 2, hopefully they can do more with a longer run. I get the feeling that they wanted to put more into S1 but didn’t get the chance as they only had 6 episodes and it had to wrap up nicely at the end in case it wasn’t renewed.

As for TWD, loved Monday’s episode. Thought having the flashback scenes interspersed with Rick’s plot to lure the zombies away from Alexandria was a nice device to keep things ticking while not leaving any gaps in story from the end of last season. Interested to see what they do with the rest of this season - I know some casting choices for later on in the run and i’m excited to see them follow along with the comics again. Think we had diverted away a bit, so good to see it all get back on track in a way.


Just found this, for fans of Carol. Worth going to the end of it for our favourite badass:


Well, another cracking episode this week, continuing the theme of inter-weaving stories from the the previous episodes. At the risk of a SPOILER, another original cast member perished. Gutted. Only a handful remain.


So many conspiracy theories circulating about said death…

It wasn’t a satisfying conclusion for said person (and out of character to get into such a situation), but it’ll be a massive cop-out from the writers if the character in question isn’t actually brown bread.


It seems that said cast member was pictured on set filming with a character yet to be introduced, so it appears they may be very much alive! Would be a complete cop-out tbh, killing that character off would’ve been a ballsy move that would’ve shaken up the show a bit.


That would be a complete cop out and lame as I have been in shock the last few days for nothing.


Get well soon Jboy, get well soon!


They may be lulling us into a false sense of security for a major character death later in the season instead… who knows? :wink:


Cant spare too many more major characters!