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I said this the other day as I walked into the office - the kids thought I was mental

I keep forgetting I am older than half their dads

Did you explain, and did they look at each other and say “bless…”? :confounded::smile:

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Give me the money now… :crazy_face:

Down to @Map-of-Mauritania v @Saint-Rob then…

Is it premature to congratulate @Map-of-Mauritania on the victory?!

No wonder the miserable Scottish lite cunt has been doing Engerland down so much - he smells money :rofl:

For once, there is drama and no one can blame me.


I am sure England will triumph. Southgate knows how to get us over the line and football justice will be done as Spain Are only there due to very dodgy penalty decision…

Sadly, I suspect the money will go elsewhere as Gareth licks his lucky underpants again

Yes! i congratulate you on winning. Although I have to say that had we had anyone decent in our group, we would have been home a few weeks ago… is the way of Southgate!

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Fixed for you, lesson for next time :slight_smile:

At the moment, @Saint-Rob has £10 profit and @Map-of-Mauritania £15

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Agreed, I think lady luck has had a fair hand in our current situation!

Get behind the lads
And the barricades

Viva Espana!!!