🐦 The Southampton Tweets thread


Mc Car Thief in the England squad…no Ings (yet…)


Ings hasn’t done anything to deserve a call up yet.

Still no Bertie, which is disappointing.


Unfortunately I feel he won’t be getting another call up after this:




Great cartoon from David Squires here.


Squires as brilliant as ever there. And he’s right, though I’ll confess I hadn’t spotted it - Ralph Hasenhuttl is a dead ringer for David Morrissey.


Yes he is, i hadn’t spotted it either. Some great comments if you scroll down. “Hughes with his free beer, still not happy” is my favourite.


Not a tweet but our very own GWC has finally woken from his stupor to update his blog at long last.
I think he nails it.
But could pull him up on the Vestergaard comment :sunglasses:


Pretty good analysis. I like the end bit about star players and managers…




I get more impressed every time he speaks. That’s a man that knows exactly what’s needed(or not) and very much a Southampton man.
“The team have shown that they have more potential in them than people thought,”
“It’s a package. If you find a young player who has potential and quality then we’ll think about a transfer.”
It’s nice to be back in business again :blush:


We all know this guy is the real deal…sorry I’ll correct that; most* of us know this guy is the real deal and his approach to signings is calm and well considered. Whether that will provide more hits than misses…I like to think it will.

*Just the one usual dissenting voice of course.


Yeah, everything about him seems to fit. I particularly liked the fine system. Your time rather than your money. That’s how you fine rich players.
So nice to hear a positive outlook again :grin:


I was listening to the Total Saints Podcast the other day and Adam Leitch of the Echo described him as along the lines of having a superstar / Hollywood aura and presence. Something that was lacking since Koeman left.

As you say, the real deal. Clear and actionable strategies based upon achievable aims (getting players fitter and more purposeful in their running, playing the ball forward immediately etc)

In Ralph we trust :heart_eyes:


It’ll be like having a new signing all over again, maybe


Good to see that. A real prospect and a full international to boot.


Typical Saints…getting a star prospect on the cheap. :lou_facepalm_2:



Make of this what you will.

Calling Bazza to a normal thread…

That’s my work done for a match free day, should keep this place busy while I go back to bed and die.