⚽ The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018

:soccer: The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018


September league results are in, well done @saintbletch, surprised you haven’t done this one yourself, no seriously, congrats


…because the league finishes now, right?

I’d like to thank my wife and children for their continued support, I’d like to thank my publicist and I’d like to thank the Sotonians’ fantasists for being shitter than me (in September) at fantasising about football.


Another week of damned-if-I-do, fucked-up-the-arse-if-I-don’t choices.

Liverpool versus Man City - unless it’s an absolute goal-fest I’m sliding down the league.


More of a slip than a slide, unlike my good self who has plummeted out of the top 10

Never mind though I have finally managed to get Hazard in my team, just in time for the Chelsea v Man United match :lou_facepalm_2:

With my well know player killer talent I’m sure he’ll snap his Achilles in 3 places and not play again this season!!

Wow a lot of teams have Hazard in already!! I see that Bayer Leverarchfile played their triple Captain on him this week, good call, as were all you other traitors who has him as their Captain. Have you no faith in your own team?? Hold on, scratch that thought…


I think that the often-seen opinions of @Barry-Sanchez on the team may be accurate after all. Assuming he means my fantasy team that is: it is a feeble shadow of what it was three years ago. :rage:


While you lot are looking at your downward slide in league positions I’m looking up.

Up to 18th this week even after missing game week one…

Mid table mediocrity is still on the cards!



As of today 3rd from bottom as per Saints

I am probably not a good bet to be asked to be Hughes’ replacement.,.


In all honesty i think this thread should stay open.


Tbf - the last post (by me) was on 8 Oct. Clearly no interest, so yeah, close it @saintbletch


Scrap that I have moved up to 15th and regained some interest :lou_sunglasses:


‘uck off!

Never liked you…always thought you were a wrong ‘un.


Woah there, I’m sure we can discuss this like gentlemen. Might one possibly enquire politely as to which position in the table you and your fine ensemble currently occupy?


Errrrmmm…third from bottom as mentioned above.

So, now you only want to mix with the high flyers and spit on us strugglers.

A fair-weather compatriot maybe?



To be blunt, yes. Maybe you should look to your recruitment team for some much needed answers and stop calling for threads to be discontinued when things aren’t going your way.


Hang on, you started it my fair-weather friend…




You bastard edited your post!


Fake news :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


[quote=“gavstar, post:88, topic:4464, full:true”]
In all honesty i think this thread should be closed and I’ll pay £100 to @Cobham-Saint because I wronged him /quote]

Found the original post