⚽ The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018

:soccer: The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018


Did I mention I slept through the team selection and transfer deadline?

Any advantage anyone gets over me this week should be forfeited.


@Barry-Sanchez …are you able to translate this for us please?


Looks alright to me.


Outrageous abuse of L4 powers. Pap will need to come along and do a Pope like apology.


Or 2 points.



I am doing shit. Maguire dropped this week out of loyalty / stupidity, but even that turned out to be bollocks as Stones did not play so I get the 10 points after all. Still shit though.


The climb is steady but inexorable :blush:


I’m pleased to have transferred Armstrong out last week given that he cant get a game.


2 saints players on the bench - 14 points. That will teach me. I was fully expecting a defeat and couldn’t see us scoring 1 let alone 2


Hennessy in goal. Concedes 2. Saves pen. Saints win.

Happy days.


Same, 11 points from saints players on the bench. At least my ploy of making Zaha captain ensured he didn’t even play, and my vice captain Mane should get me 20 pts.


You bastard


Bloody Pogba missed a penalty :angry:


I noticed that @BTripz hasn’t posted the highest scorer this week. Cunt.


Sorry, I’ve been watching planes fly over 7 miles of gorgeous beach today…



Well done @saintbletch, no really



Not loving my team this morning. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t situation.

Stupid fucking fantasy football.


I’ve even got a Wolves defender



Me too.

And I’m starting him.