⚽ The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018

:soccer: The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018


Right, we’re up to 20 teams in our League. Good effort.

You’ve got about an hour and a half until the deadline.

If you haven’t entered a team, cough @Cobham-Saint, cough, get on it!


I should be given prize money if I finish 1st


I have shit broadband on hols - it’s bad enough posting here.

Be a love and set me up a team @saintbletch

Make ‘em all winners



Oh, team name “Pen 15”


You have a PM and 6 minutes to respond.


Guessing I’m too late to enter?


Ignore me. I’m a tit.


I will. You are.

You’re already in!

I think.


@Cobham-Saint would like to announce that he is that confident of winning this year that instead of confirming his account, he had dinner and drank wine and beer.

He has therefore missed week 1, but, he says, he will still win.

That’s fighting talk.


You’re reading a post from the man that had 20 points on the bench.


First 11 so good, that you can leave all those points on the bench?
Took Tompkins(6) out, to put Davies(2) in, but i’ll live with it if Vestergaard gets a goal, assist and clean sheet, whilst clearing one off the line tomorrow.
Only 3 of my starting 11 have played, so i still have hope🤞


Ok fully set up to go* - next week.

Hours of deliberation** has picked a team to win the league - obviously.


Set up a squad a few days back.

First effort, so needed some more thought and probably a couple more transfers. Also needed the usual fine tuning to pick a starting 11 and a captain before KO. Completely forgot to do any of that until just after the friday match started. Bollocks.

If you are losing to me after today you should be shot. Not only do I have Mitrovic in my squad, he was my fucking captain.


Really glad to see Leroy Sane get 4 minutes.

Had he stayed on the bench I’d have had 12 points coming in to the team from a sub.

Pep is a cunt.



Is that @Tokyo-Saint at the top?


Oh don’t set him off. Why don’t you felate him while you’re at it.

How did you manage to get 106 points in the first gameweek, @Tokyo-Saint?
Can you share your secrets with us, @Tokyo-Saint?
Oh, @Tokyo-Saint, you’re so big and strong.


I am top and my dummy account (according to pap) is 2nd, both scoring over 100 pts.


Maybe you need a third account?


It’s a snickers not a sprint, Toke.

Bletch FC is pleased with his squad but not his selection. I had 25 points on the fucking bench.

I’ll be having a word with myself before the next game and will ensure that I take steps to ensure that I don’t let me do that every again.


26 points on my bench in Week 1 with De Bruyne as Captain getting me 0. Excellent start…