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Probably because of this one

The owners have put a huge amount of faith in developing RM’s possession game. I really don’t think it likely he’ll be sacked if we don’t go up, especially given the absolute state of the club when he arrived. I’d say it’s miraculous that we’re at this stage of the season and still in with a chance of promotion.

However if he does go, given what he’s achieved here his stock is going to be very high. I can’t think he’d be out of a job for long.


Well said Scotty. It’s ludicrous that there is even speculation regarding RM’s position.


TBF the British Heart Foundation is probably lobbying to get him sacked given the potential number of heart attacks caused by the team constantly trying to play out from the back

Plus it was the daily fail.
I posted it more to balance the Adam Blackmore comments.

What are you, the BBC? :smile:


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We have left the honeymoon period and are now rapidly approaching the 18 month fan entitlement period, where your average football fan suffers collective amnesia, disregards how far we have come and now views the status quo to be underperforming

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Will we have any backroom staff left?
Where is the replacement DoF FFS?