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Grand cru classe 4th - but probably 3rd in most good vintages. I have a case of 2016 which is drinking from 2025-2050 (top table if Daughter ever gets married ) This 2011 was a single bottle and has been open since 3pm and is now opening up nicely - still a little tanic but smooth, sour apple and cinnamon…

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Am doing Thurston Moore impressions crossed with the pumpkins :sunglasses:

The last time i fingered my way through a new one of these, i ended up with a big visit from Mr Alimony.


sacré bleu!!!

Coming to a hand sanitiser product soon.

@CB-Saint best get in there early.

CB nor I would be destroying our palettes with the stuff in the wine lake FFS :nauseated_face: Les vin Grand Cru Classe will not be struggling

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To fooking right :wink:

Son in Law has been on a recce.
His Spep mother has a holiday home 30 minutes from Adare Manor.

It has been booked for 2027

New discovery.

Pinot Noir with pleasing body. Seems to retail in the UK for £13-£15 but €10 on the campsite. Bargain.

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And you can get quite a few cases in the storage sections of the van for a smuggling run🙄

As if.

Chablis Cru and 6 year aged Comte.

Life doesn’t get much better.


In Limewood

Getting cunted

just because

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Just polished off a third 1664 Special Gold @6%. Perfect for a glorious hot evening. Sacrilege to follow is a NZ Sauv Blanc brought as a reserve. I can’t take it home as it’ll eat into my allowance so it’s got to be disposed of.


Was somewhat intrigued to find the origin of this name. Pisse Dru translates as piss hard which apparently is vintner’s slang for the way a very juicy grape pisses hard when you squeeze it.

Drinkable, if rather average Beaujolais.

Every day’s a learning day. :smile:


Aren’t they all?

Not at all. Try Chatêau La Madonne.

La Madonne With Ze Big Boobies, by Von Klumpf?

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The nouveau ones are - I suspect you would recognize Fleuire and Brouilly which are both Beaujolais Cru and have decent wines

I’ve always thought of Muscadet as an ok wine for seafood, but this one, bought for €8 from the fish shack yesterday, knocks spots off most Sauv Blancs. Superb