🍺 🥒 🍻 The Gargantuan cucumber ready for pickling (on any night you fancy)


Old Castle used to be one of tge bezt Pubs in town in tge summer. Harvester saved it from ruin but not a top choice tbh.
Glad you enjoyed


I have a drink problem

I have a wine stockpile which is proving difficult to make in roads into. My wine Cave is full and I have more wine inbound.

So tonight first effort will be Chateau D’esclans Garrus 2014, followed by the first red which does require wholesale reorganisation.

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Ship a load to me

Let me know what’s worth drinking and I’ll have it.

DM me your address and I’ll send a couple of transits.

No shit mind…


Am actually Darn sarth in the big smoke as a special treat for mini Map who has been wanting to see Mamma Mia in theatreland for years so birthday speacial… thankfully I believe I will be suitably pissed/comatose and get through it… :flushed:


During Mamma Mia, will Map be:-

  • Drunk, comatose and dribbling
  • Dancing in the aisles like a tart

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This is indeed my fear… I have told Mrs Map to ensure I am drunk enough to sleep, but they are concerned I then snore loudly or soil myself in the Novello Theatre and thus tarnish the Tasmanian name for ever…


Well I am not drunk yet, but as soon as the missus gets back with the beers, I will be. Friday night, init.

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Just hope if I end up dribbling it’s only from my mouth… :flushed:


I need an option for “Both of the above, in no particular order”.


A fair point and certainly a possibility


From where else, pray tell?


Tried every med on the planet for this effing flu.
Tonight Polish Gluhwein with a liberal dash of 95% alcohol 185% proof Spirytus vodka is working.
Think i watched Discovery earlier think it was brilliant. Cant remember


not in work til 27th. Of course I am.


@Polski_Filip - Patient Zero in the zombie apocalypse?

Get well soon, mate, for all our sakes.

PS. Ms DP. Destroy the brainski :wink:


Yes, both combinations are equally appealing. Let’s continue with our fantastic Sotonian tradition of democracy.

Which would you prefer from @Fowllyd’s options?

  • Drunk, comatose and dribbling @Map-Of-Tasmania suddenly sits bolt up-right, possessed, and becomes a dancing queen.
  • Dancing like a tart @Map-Of-Tasmania eventually succumbs to the influence, plummeting from the Upper Circle in an improbable spiral to the Stalls, causing five deaths.

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Once Mrs BTripz gets home I will be hightailing myself to @CB-Saint’s place to help him with his wine issue. Failing that I will walk over to my local and imbibe a few jars of ale


Never mind that, Big Boozing Bob. Does it not concern you that we have a 60/40 split in favour of five deaths on our most recent poll?

I honestly don’t know what sort of person would vote for that :smiley:


It’s an ecclectic mix, that’s for sure.

I would consider that being crushed to death by an inebriated Map would be something that would go down in infamy.


Almost the sort of thing that would make you scream “Mamma Mia!”.

I cannot speak to “here I go again”. I have no evidence supporting any notion of @Map-Of-Tasmania plummeting in a spiral in a popular theatre venue.


‘And in other news:

Police have confirmed the arrest of a 49 year old man who was caught urinating from the dress circle onto unsuspecting patrons in the stalls, during a performance of ‘Mamma Mia’ at the Novello Theatre.

Sergeant Brian Easy of the Metropolitan police confirmed the man, Mapovtas Manear was charged yesterday eavening for gross indecency And resisting arrest… Sergeant Easy confirmed that the ‘fat bastard was just stood there relieving himself whilst unsuspecting theatre goers were dancing in the aisles to SuperTrooper.

MR Manear was released on bail earlier this morning but when asked to comment just replied ‘cunts’