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So who is having an evening of self indulgent consumption of alcoholic beverages after a week of hard graft? If so, what’s your tipple and what are you doing to entertain yourselves?

For me:

A rather nice Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (Stonewall 2013) to go with a nice risotto with pan roasted chicken breast and sauted leeks and pancetta.

Now on a nice 16 year old… Lagavulin Islay Malt

:lou_is_a_flirt: :lou_lol: :lou_smiley:

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2018: The Year in Review
:calendar: 2018: The Year in Review

4 pints of London Pride. Now on a couple of Hook Norton ales…not sure after that.

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Used to love ‘Old Hooky’ in the King’s Head Inn, Bledingdon, Oxon, when I used to live there… sigh…


One very large margarita.


Was in there a couple of weeks ago. Nice pub.


Used to live about 100 yards from it… bad for waist line… :lou_lol:


Champagne to celebrate being in our new flat. Followed by not the greatest takeaway and now some bbc four thing on old rockers. I am ready for a 12 hour sleep.


phew…good job that second line appeared then Intiniki.

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hahaha just did a little wee… :lou_lol:Gay Abandon quite likes BBC, but Cracked Rib was no so keen, preferred More 4


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phew…good job that second line appeared then Intiniki.

hahaha just did a little wee… :lou_lol:

:lou_smiley: 2nd margarita.


Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree tonic, then a south Italian Primitivo (OK, it’s from the 'burys, but it’s vair naice).


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Originally posted by @Goatboy

phew…good job that second line appeared then Intiniki.

hahaha just did a little wee… :lou_lol:

:lou_smiley: 2nd margarita.

Lucky bastard.

That’s always been one of my fantasies.

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Bottle of red, now my 3rd Gin. Friday night is always drink, Indian take away and shit tv night!


TV was good as catch up so had episodes of fargo and The Bridge III :lou_lol:


Wasted. Trying to convince my bro to go to his dad’s snooker place and drink the place out.

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I was its now Saturday morning and I am sober again will soon be fixing that :cool:

Yesterdays Soirree involved Guiness, Rum / Coke bottle of red Italian wine


I have started on the Amazon reviews. These could have a thread all on their own!


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Please review Microwave for One.

On numerous previous nights when I have been slightly pickled, I have ordered copies of this book on the basis of it being a magnet for humorous Amazon reviews. At this point, barring big distributors with shitloads of old crap books, I believe I am the owner of the largest private collection in the world. I have 11 copies as a result of an attempt to corner the Microwave for One market. We use them to prop up the pasting table when we employ it in a buffet capacity.

Now I’m not forcing you (Microwave for One) or trying to manipulate you (Microwave for One) or trying to put ideas in your head (Microwave for One), but I think you should give that review some consideration.

Some may see this as a cynical attempt to divert vital labour forces from the cheesecake industry into a modern-day Amazon reviewin’ serf. And they would be correct. Plan A? We turn Microwave for One into a highly prized oddity, valued for its sad ironic charm (and hilarious Amazon reviews). Drive the price up, sell high and become Internet millonaires, for frankly the stupidest of reasons. That is surely the Sotonians way!

Worst case scenarios?

  1. Everyone gets a free copy of Microwave for One when their significant others inevitably fuck them off for (as stated by divorce brief) “an inexplicable obsession with an obscure and defunct tome, Microwave for One”.

  2. I am crushed by teetering tower of Microwave for One books. Dynastic struggle for Sotonians supremacy ensues. Everyone still gets free copy of Microwave for One.



Microwave for One.

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Did not drink much at all. Watched Doctor in the House on catch up, based on a family who eat a very large McDonalds for dinner 5 nights a week. Was quite disturbing.

So I only had 2 pints of Peroni and some crisps. And cake.


Looks like his lordship papster was on the sauce for some considerable time