Texas Hold Em

Texas Hold Em


I’ve been to Ireland a few times in the last few months. The following tends to happen. I usually go to Warrenpoint for a Texas Hold Em game, and I usually have the bug for a while afterwards. This is the case now.

I’ve been playing quite a bit online and hit something of a milestone this week. On Thursday night, actually made more money playing cards than I did from my normal job, all for (part of) a stake of £25.

Anyone else play? Should we try to get a Sotonians game organised?


I used to play a fair bit in RL and online. I would be up for a game.


My online play is probably better than my live play at the moment. Cannot seem to maintain the necessary disinterest in live games that is required to survive.

When we play live games in Ireland, it’s normally a 20-30 freezeout. We used to do buy ins but combined with alcohol, it gets expensive.


I play on Pokerstars, Texas Hold 'em. Most players now, even at the lowest buy in know what their doing. So it becomes down to the cards. I’m happy to join in :slight_smile:


Rupert Lowe?


Used to play quite a bit online, especially when I was a student.

I used to get up early to catch the drunken Americans thinking they were ballers after a night on the sauce. Was an alright way to bring in some additional beer money.

Then a mate dropped out of uni (was on track for a 1st in maths) to start playing full-time. Watched him place 3rd in a tournament and net £77k. I decided I was wasting my time and have barely played since.



Ah interesting to see I’m not alone here. I do enjoy a good game of Poker.

Who was your mate KRG? Does he have a Hendon Mob profile?