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Some kind of Israeli spokesman, I believe. Doesn’t really matter who he is, it’s his comment that the Eurovision song contest is only about the music which amused me. It’s absolutely anything but, it is now entirely political.


Why do we have to indulge this nonsense? FFS, I defy anyone to read through that piece without gritting their teeth. “They” did this, “they” said that…“they” are mangling the use of language to the point of utter absurdity.

The BBC and other outlets are probably frightened not to because of the inevitable frothing at the mouth / baying minority who’ll pile-on via social / mainstream media

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I had a quick shufty down my drawers this morning and I would like you all to call me a vegetable.
Looked like a pink radish to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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A slightly small pink radish ?

No this is a prize winner. :crazy_face:


I do hope our defence avoid leaving such gaping obvious open goals this afternoon


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Funniest Shaped Vegetable?


Who could imagine Pigs shagging would be epic TV.

Clarkson’s Farm S3 Ep2



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The Simpsons.
Drop a Europop Track?
With a message?
On Eurovision weekend?


Being kicked in the nuts.
By Goats

Best TV ever

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Lady Slowlane is still laughing. She didn’t watch the first two series but has loved Series 3.
Top entertainment.


‘‘tis worth a watch

As he says he’s lucky he has other streams of income otherwise he’d go bust.

In some ways my aged farmer uncle retired and who died well before the shit show the farming industry has now turned into got it right.

He was one of amongst his farming neighbours who vocally thought Brexit a bad idea - despite never going abroad after WW2 demob :man_shrugging:

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Cor, just stumbled on the latest Alice Robert’s Digging for Britain. Almost missed the series.

Very educational…

Ignore me - my iplayer seems to be saying I hadn’t watched it :rage: