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Studio 666


Dave Grohl / Foo Fighters comedy horror movie.

Dave is an OKish actor, the rest of the band aren’t, but still quite entertaining and has the requisite amount of gore.

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The 12th man. Cracking edge of seat Norwegian WW2 drama. True story about an almost unbelievable escape by the sole survivor of a raid in Norway which the Nazis intercepted.

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Back in the noughties i missed lots of shit.
But in 2000 i saw Robbie Williams in concert at the Racecourse
He wasn’t shit. Flew my sister out on airmiles she thought it was the greates day of her life.

I was reminded of that tonight. Needed something in the background having got home while munching pizza & found a new release on Netflix

Robbie at Knebworth 2003. 375k for his 3 night residency.

He entertained us

(But he should be cancelled for his non woke Dance Troupe…)

Ah bollox.
It was a fvcking EPIC concert.
Well rediscovered by Netflix

Netflix streamed live sport last night?
They mixed Comedy, F1 and Golf?
The Netflix Cup…

Enjoying this so far :lou_lol:

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1st hole Sainz & Thomas v Norris & Fowler.
Par 3.
Not only score but fastest team gets a tiebreak win.
Nearly killed each other in the buggies!

Hey Justin, how’s it feel having to use your amateur partner’s drive?

Angelheaded Hipster

Sky Arts

Very watchable documentary about Marc Bolan his story & inc reimagining of his songs by stars (some of whom I’ve never heard of) some of which are very very very good.

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Original cast
:heart_eyes_cat: :heart:

Wait WHAT?
Ramona is Hera Syndulla
Who is married to Ewan McGregor?

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar


Benedict Cumberbatch

Only about 40mins - from a Roald Dahl short story. Excellent story telling

One of 4 stories - Going to watch The Swan next.

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Which was excellent

The Rat Catcher was excellent too.

The last one “Poison” was good too but a bit of Dahl’s racism came out right at the end unfortunately

It’s really good!


Episode 5 is pretty fucking epic.

Face Mask Porn?
AND Octopus Porn in one episode?
On Netflix?

All seasons of Fargo are on Amazon Prime, including the first two episodes of the latest season.

I’ve watched them both and have been impressed with what I’ve seen. Unlike the slow burn of earlier seasons, we are immediately introduced to Dot Lyon, played by Juno Temple, who makes Nikki Swango seem like a nun by comparison.

She’s fled an abusive relationship and has started a new life with a new family, ten years on the clock. She gets arrested and her fingerprints are in the system. Suddenly, people are out to get her.

Great cast in this one. In addition to Ms Temple, it features the wonderfully versatile Jennifer Jason Leigh playing a minted matriarch and John Hamm as a corrupt yet seemingly untouchable sheriff.

Coens references:-

  • “I am a nihilist. I believe in nothing”
  • “She kidnapped herself?”
  • The whole character of Ole Munch, playing a similar role to Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men.

David Thewlis still one of the most repulsive, evil antagonists I’ve seen in a fictional tv series. I think I’m due a re-watch :lou_smiley: