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And wait until Angel has Fallen…

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That’s like several hundred dead in the 1st 5 minutes isn’t it? :upside_down_face:

Code 8. Canadian indie movie on Netflix

Has a grainy feel to the cinematography and an atmosphere not dissimilar to the much loved District 9
Movie is a very different non Marvel/DC look at a near future where people with " Powers" have become a sub species, disenfranchised.
It is simple, low budget and engaging.
Well worth a watch.

Ozark. Great program.

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Not Netflix but im going to settle down with two or three bottles of Old Speckled Hen in 40 minutes and watch ‘The Spy Who Came In From The Cold’ with Richard Burton and Claire Bloom. Saw it many years ago and really enjoyed it, hope it still stands up. Talking Pictures, 10 o clock.


Have to say gave up half way through second season. Dipped in a bit on the third.

Me too, yet so many saying S3 rocked.

Not sure how you guys could dip in and out. Been hooked since episode 1 - top program.

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May I highly recommend NOT watching Skyscraper (Dwayne Johnson) if, like me you suffer from Vertigo

in these weird times I’ve gone off watching a lot of stuff. Much prefer to listen to music. My partner is watching Ozarks, Better call Saul etc neither of which I’m interested/invested in. Just not feeling it all at the mo.

Saints owner builds a big phallic symbol. Upsets triads
Dwayne Johnson wins over only one leg, with no sign of Robert Vaughn or Steve McQueen.
Cheesy as fvck. Who cares

We settled down to an old favourite the other night… Double Jeopardy with Ashley Judd. Still weather’s the test of time and still as riveting right to the end. Recommend it if you can find it. SCD

My Netflix tells me that I am midway through the second season too.

I like Jason Bateman as an actor. Like his blonde accomplice. Not sure why I stopped watching it.

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an highly recommend NOT watching it because it’s crap :slight_smile:

I watched How it Ends last night, it got 5.0 on IMDB, I personally thought that that was 4.9 too high…

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I think you were being very generous to Skyscraper if I’m honest. Needs a lot more expletives before crap.

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Anyone seen “El Camino” an epilogue to Breaking Bad…tying up Jesse Pinkman’s story?
My turn to choose tomorrow afternoon’s movie.

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Not Netflix but watched Machete double bill and might top it off with Oldboy later as will be working late…

Yes. Tis good.

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I’ve only just started season 3 of Breaking Bad so might have to watch it after I’ve finished seasons 3, 4 & 5…


Just restarting Ozark.
Loved S1 and fell asleep/gave up by Ep3 of S2.