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I know they aren’t the ‘coolest’ band, but I bloody love Franz Ferdinand. Saw 'em at the Roundhouse recently, and as ever, it was raucous fun. There’s not enough fun in music I say.


I feel Dinger deserves a ban, at least, for posting that affront to my sensibilities.


I have to say it was at least as puzzling as one of Ted’s link. Now, had the previous song been “Complete and utter wanker” by the Sons of King Skate, I’d have understood.


He used to present Coast to Coast, on TVS.

I thought it was quite a nice song, skate refs aside. Some nice production touches.


HOW! Remember that?


I can excuse him the link.

Coast to Coast was the local news programme when TVS had the franchise in the 80’s. Needless to say the coont was a regular presenter/reporter.

But!!! there are standards to maintain in the chain.


I’m just too young for that, but I’m aware it was well loved. Like the shiny bald man himself.


He wasn’t, but the other 3 were.

I went to school with Bunty James’ daughter.


Anyhow, back to work…



From the “Best of” album “A Life of Surprises”