💰 Sotonians Bookies 2018 / 2019

:moneybag: Sotonians Bookies 2018 / 2019


I’ve picked a 14 fold. Odds of 8907.38 which will return absolutely nothing :lou_facepalm_2:



Well Spurs failed to get a draw at home again done for me yesterday but I reckon 2 home wins today

Wolves V Burnley

Everton V West Ham.

Which would please me as it leaves West Ham Bottom with 0 points.


Wins tonight for Bayern, Juve, Utd, Forest, QPR and Norwich pocket me £220 :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:


CSKA Moscow equalising in the 5th minute of injury time did for me.


Bloody Russians causing problems for everyone lately.


Had a break from the footy betting the last few weeks (mostly due to stupid international breaks) and the first week back in action and i pull this little beauty out of the hat :money_mouth_face:


Well done :+1:


Fuck it I am putting a fiver on a Saints win.


Odds boost 40 / 1


The European games.
Man city.

All to win all at home got to be some money in it ?


I have just gone and done something rather stupid.

Putting money on England to win a game.

Why do I do it?


Stranger things have happened.