:discourse: Some Discourse changes - 15th Dec '18

:discourse: Some Discourse changes - 15th Dec '18


Yeah, let’s just say that both leave you with something silky around your neck.


BTW, just for information, DIscourse is the software that this forum is built using.


So you’ve not built this city on rock n roll? :thinking:

Anyways, thanks for confirming. So I don’t have a discourse on my phone, that’s good to know :+1:


Not at all but I’ll make an exception for you. Bear won’t. :slight_smile:


Starship we ain’t ¯\(ツ)


Stoopid Bear



OK, I’ve installed a theme component that has reimplemented the category column on the latest topics.

The recent changes gave us this…

…and now we’re back to this…


Not on my Ipad still got your new bad system whereI put my finger on the screen and iit tells me what the topic is about .


Ok if it is a theme how do i implement it step by step please


I’ll test on iPad in a while but try reloading the page (scroll to top and hit reload symbol).


Yeah sorry my mistake, what theme do you use?


What ever is the standard I never change anything

If it works :slight_smile:


Try again. You may need to reload :reload:


Cheers mush now back to normal as it should be :grinning::grinning::grinning:


It doesn’t appear to be working with the Summer theme either @saintbletch, despite constant reloads and ctrl-F5s ¯\(ツ)


Didn’t realise that anyone (other than me) was so in touch with their feminine side that they’d openly admit to using the Summer theme.

Try again.


Didn’t know there were sides in today’s all-inclusive world!!

'tis working, thanks very muchly.