Ski Thread 2018

Ski Thread 2018


So who is going? Where?

off on Friday to Vallandry for 8 days of skiing. Pistes are looking amazing and a fuck ton more snow due this week.

Heard that the amount snow is being described as a 30 yr event



I tried this once, really liked it


No skiing (again) for me this year :lou_sad:

Off to Bulgaria for a mate’s 50th in April though :lou_smiley:


Off next month to the Caribbean. Might try my hand at the Jamaican Bob-Sleigh run. :lou_lol:


I dont do cold so sking is off limits fot me


And my brother was the first person to break his leg going down the ski slope at Calshot activity centre


Nothing wrong with a tag team @btripz


I once tried skiing in 2009… Never been back. Ridiculously expensive all round. About only thing I could eat in one restaurant was stale bread dipped in hot cheese. Ski hire place didn’t charge me full week thankfully when I took them back early.

My partner has 4 days extra leave than me so he uses it for skiing so I don’t have to ensure it again. He’s going in a few weeks.

Scenery was nice as was the vin chaud.


The hot cheese was also out of date which is why the melted it :lou_lol:


I loved skiing.

Even managed to get on the slopes from here.

Last time out though was >10 years ago - divorce and other shit got in the way and then Knee Surgery put an end to any hopes.

Just as that knee got back to a state it could have coped? I buggered the other one.

I really miss it. I wasn’t a Mogul/Off Piste type but I had a bloody good Austrian technique and reached the point where it finally took me less time to get down the run than back up it.

And I do miss that holding onto the shower head at 6pm following the Apres Ski …


I find sking like I do golf

There is a pub. Why ruin it with the before stuff.


Seeing as I live in a sand pit with plenty of sunshine, I don’t do beach holidays!!

As a complete contrast, we go skiing just about every year. I had never been until the then future Mrs EoA brought me a set of skis and bindings. How the hell can I play football in these I thought!! Didn’t particularly enjoy 1st holiday but since then it’s been something to look forward to and actually makes me get off my rotund little botty and attempt to get fit before going, otherwise the holiday would be a waste of time!! All 4 of my offspring love skiing as well, and we’ve had some wonderful family holidays over the years from them being novices to them having to hang around waiting for mum and dad to catch up!! Now that they are all grown up, I don’t have to take them with us!!

Going to Cervinia in Italy which is linked with Zermatt for 2 weeks in March. Hopefully the shitload of snow they have now will still be around by then :cool:


Just back from Tignes today, ridiculous amount of snow (90cm one night), we were lucky to only have one day where the resort was closed. And aside from being laid up in bed with a fever for the first 2 days, and geneva airport doing their utmost to ensure I didn’t make my flight, it was a very good week.


Calshot was where I learnt to ski - on an artificial surface. It is absofuckingloutely nothing like the real thing :lou_lol:

Haven’t been for quite a while as the rest of the C_S’ are beach bums.


It really could do with stopping now. The high runs are closed, as is most of Arc 2000 - gotta suck if you are staying there. Never seen anything like it.