Saints vs Spurs drinks: The Sotonians Christmas Party

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National Rail doesn’t show any trains on Boxing Day, I don’t understand it - how do any fans get to the game?

Are you dressing up for the game, Goats? I will if you do!

You get the dress out, I’ll put on the tux…

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If we’re dressing up I’ll wear my party shoes:


It won’t be suitable for this (or indeed for any matchday, given it’s in Highfield), but I noticed that The Goat has been taken over by the Brewhouse & Kitchen chain - wouldn’t mind checking it out at some point.

One of the house beers will be ‘On Le Tiss’. :laughing:


Alas dear boys and girls, You will have to party without Gay Abandon, as the grim north and domestic duties keep me occupied in the run up to the Cristmas festivities. I will however, find an appropriate home tie in the new year and venture south for frolicking and ales. I do however hope you all have a jolly nice time and dont forget to point and laugh at pap.


I am at the Goat tomorrow daytime, though for sombre reasons, as it is close to the crematorium. I will get an impression at least.

Was this the last time you wore them?

I told Dad that pink doesn’t suit him.

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Don’t know what you lot have done with images on this page, they just ain’t working for me.

Spurs is a def no no for me, Arsenal is a 90% yes, with the lack of trains I will be relying on my car.

Ok so I was at “The Goat” yesterday after a funeral. It is now called the catchy “Brewhouse & Kitchen” but otherwise, it was very good.

The interior has been refurbished to a good standard, a kind of smart rustic chic. Comfy sofas and giant armchairs feature, plus a big open fire and a decent garden for better weather. There are at least 6 different real ales on draught, plus more in bottles. I enjoyed a new cider for me, the very pleasant Mortimers. Staff are good too. I will definitely find a reason to go back to this place on a happier day.

As for the “On Le Tiss” ale above, well it would have been wasted on me but I did find this giant promotional pic, on the gents toilets of all places:


Liking the ‘On Le Tiss’ description. Good luck getting him off the Malibu and coke!

They’ve described it as 4.2% there though, when the pump clip says 4.0%. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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Always been the case. Never trains on Boxing Day - which is shite if you need them obviously.

But I don’t understand - how do people get to the game? They can’t all drive as there wouldn’t be enough parking spaces. How do they fill the stadium?

I’m going to have trouble if no trains…

It’ll have to be a swift one for me after the game. Double booked christmas parties :lou_angry:

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So any further thoughts on the pre match venue for this last one before Christmas? We were discussing the Stable, which I have to say I am considering entirely based on Bletch’s review of the Winchester branch, as I have not been there yet. Or do we head back to the Rockstone?

South Western afterwards for me.

The Stable sounds good to me - all the more so as I’ve just had a peek at the pizza and pie menu. And, as I’ll be coming in on the train from Eastleigh on Saturday, it’s on the way as well. And the South Western for postres also gets my vote.

So we have three questions for wach forum member. First, are you going to the match? Second if you are (or even if you’re not) are you coming out after the match? Third, if the answer to the second question is no, why the fuck not? (Those who cannot make it for reasons of distance or genuine unavailability are excused this third question).

So complicated, Flyd Owl.

Are the answers a) 7, b) the elbow joint, c) Peru ?

Stable sounds good.

I will be there.

Not going to the match.

Not sure if I will be there before the match or not *.

I will be there after the match.


* I was summoned to a bored meeting of, but when I returned my voting slip I didn’t hear any more about it from His papship. I will be there before if needed - or maybe I’ve been ousted from the bored in an ugly coup de pap.

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I’ll be there before and for a swifty after.

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Weren’t you summoned to the same bored meeting, Goatster?

Bletch, I’d love to tell you just how close you were to walking off with the star prize there*, but until somebody gets that magic 100% I really can’t reveal the answers.

It will be good to see you on Sarrada. And if we see Andmoreagain, then I think we will know Andmoreagain.

* You were fucking miles off, you twat.**

** No offence.

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So I’m thinking of coming all the way from the good ol’ US of A just for the pre-match drinks. Is it a friendly group? Will it scare my two impressionable, American teenagers?

For the three questions: I’m going to the match, can’t go for drinks after and I plead the fifth on the third question.

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