🍻 Real Ale / Lager / Cider or Spirits?

:beers: Real Ale / Lager / Cider or Spirits?


Menu here…drinks on page 5.


Thanks Bletch. Its on my list to visit over Christmas for sure.

Just checked the location - is it very close to Yates?? Will it thus become an away fan hangout on match days?


Birra Moretti this evening…very nice :slight_smile:


cherry margaritas :lou_lol:


Kopperberg cider. Original (v hard to find now), not the poncy fruity cocktail / alcopop bollocks that Steve Grant likes :lou_wink_2:


Bavaria 0.0% alcofree formaldahyde tasting shite this evening another 19 days sober to go :lou_angry:




San Miguel & 1664 tonight!


One for @saintbletch possibly


Too many floral, citrussy beers for me, will go with one of his shirts


all over that, cheers for the link Bob :lou_smiley:


Nice one, Big Opinionated Bob, seemingly good value although not sure what the ratiings would be on Untapp’d.