🍻 Real Ale / Lager / Cider or Spirits?

:beers: Real Ale / Lager / Cider or Spirits?


As for myself, it sounds bad but I’ll pretty much drink anything.

Like cider, lager, IPA. Slowly developing a taste for ale. Love a drop of red, not quite as keen on white but will still drink it.

Love rum and whisky, though gin is really the only absolute no no.

I’m not a total lush, honest.


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Liar, you were on the pints mid-week with me.

Trying to impress?

Ha! Caught out!

Though I missed off ‘at a gig’ from my detailed list of drinking scenarios. ‘At a gig’, usually involves bottles of Peroni.


I am seriously trying to follow a no alcohol Sunday - Wednesday rule. It’s hard!!


Ah, I do love a silly sunday.


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I am seriously trying to follow a no alcohol Sunday - Wednesday rule. It’s hard!!

Ah, I do love a silly sunday.

Lunchtime Sunday is acceptable. Post 6pm - water only.


There’s something masochistically wonderful about an all day session on a Sunday. Knowing how awful you are going to feel on Monday am.

Feck it, Mondays are shite anyway. I’d rather be hungover at work and get paid for it then waste a day off hungover on the sofa.


I believe it was the comedian Doug Stanhope that implored people to start drinking more during the week i.e. stop being hungover in your own time and do it on somebody else’s. :wink: :innocent:


I mentioned earlier in this thread that rum is my spirit of choice and that I prefer traditional dark rum to spiced. However, last night, here in Menorca, I tried a local honey rum for the first time and I must say it is a fantastic tipple for a sultry hot summer’s evening.

Also, I don’t know if there are any fellow vapers amongst us, but I reckon vanilla-flavoured vapes enhance the taste of lager.


We had some friends round for a barbecue the other week, and it was my birthday the next day. It was late (or early) and everyone had had their fill of longer drinks so my son said he’d get me a bottle of ‘scotch’.

He disappeared inside and then passed me a box wrapped up and addressed to “The best Dad in the world, isn’t it?”.

Yes that’s right, Welsh whisky.

What I do know is that it’s lovely, subtle, very mild, quite flowery, and it doesn’t last long.


If I am pushed towards lager - this is the way forward


I tend to put away vats of red wine, but I do like a drop of draught Hoegaarden when the weather is hot. If I am drinking bitter I’ll go for Doombar.


Well I’ve had a really busy week on call, so it’s time for a Stella!


Our local barmaid is called Stella. She will be delighted!


I’ll have a Stella please Stella…it sounds good to me Sadoldgit!


Larger - kronenbourg1664

Ale - Tangled Foot or Spitfire

Short - dark rum/spiced run or Gordon’s Gin

Wine - Red, the deeper red the better.


Had some **incredible ** sour beers at the Great British Beer Fest in Olympia last week. Some were £8 - 10 a bottle mind… :zipper_mouth:


This weekend, I’m going on an event at one of Pap’s favourite places - the Isle of Icke :lou_eyes_to_sky:- whereby people travel on vintage buses from pub to pub sampling the local real ales.

Anyway, I seem to recall that it was Ant who said that he’d yet to discover a real ale from a PO postcode that was worth drinking; so with, I believe, 3 breweries on the Island, all with PO postcodes, I’m gonna put Ant’s findings to the test and will report back with my own findings in due course. Anything you want me to try out?

I’m doing this for you Ant!

PS. If it wasn’t you, Ant, that said PO postcode beers were rubbish then ignore the above.


It was me, well remembered!

I genuinely forgot that the island has its post served by the skates! Which is terrible as I have relatives living on the Isle…

From memory the big ‘PO’ breweries on the mainland are Oakleaf and Irving. Both seem to mostly produce bland bitters. The sort where you’d walk into a country pub and think ‘well that’s probably better than a generic lager so let’s go for that’. OK, but nothing ground-breaking.

Looking at Untappd I’ve tried 3 Oakleaf beers and 3 Irving ones, including a seasonal ale which I thought very little of.

Not sure that there’s any IOW ales I’m specifically interested in but I’d be genuinely interested to learn whether my perception, currently based upon that small sample, is correct or not!


Aha! Looks like I’ve had a Goddards beer - they’re based in Ryde I believe? That was a Storm which I’ve logged as a fairly typical golden ale. Be worth knowing whether the rest of their range is any good. Think I’ve seen a few in Co-op stores that have a local selection.

Breaking it down, SO has:

Flack Manor, Vibrant Forest, Itchen Valley, Flowerpots, Upham, Botley and Bowman.

PO has:

Irving, Oakleaf, Brewhouse & Kitchen (though tenuous as it’s a chain and they’re opening one in Southampton soon), Goddards, Yates’ and Island.

That’s a definite win - and in quality, not just numerosity.


There’s also Brewhouse & Kitchen in Dorchester and Poole so the PO link can be easily blown out of the water. Mind you they all brew their own stuff so I guess they could genericise it down.

I keep meaning to go to the one in Poole but keep failing…

The best micro-brewery I have ever been to was a place called Rock Bottom in Bellevue, Seattle. I was in Seattle for a week and spent 4 nights in there sampling their range of ales, none disappointed…