:pl: Premier League 2019/2020 Predictions

  1. City
  2. Arsenal
  3. Liverpool

Us 12th

  1. Wolves
  2. Newcastle
  3. Norwich
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What Bob said but Saints 6th.

I’ll take the winnings now :wink:


You lot have no faith in our Manager and team 3rd it is.

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The Fail on us

Full story - BT Sports’ computer predictions


And here’s the same story for those who come out in a rash if they visit the Daily Click-Bait site.

Interestingly, this looks like the same story but it has us finishing 14th, not 16th. Fucking Daily Mail fascists.


Are these preludes to how games are reffed or is it just bollocks?

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Phil McNulty’s predicted 2019-20 Premier League positions at a glance

Position Club Position (cont) Club (cont)
1 Manchester City 11 Watford
2 Liverpool 12 Southampton
3 Tottenham Hotspur 13 Bournemouth
4 Chelsea 14 Aston Villa
5 Manchester United 15 Burnley
6 Arsenal 16 Crystal Palace
7 Everton 17 Sheffield United
8 Leicester City 18 Brighton and Hove Albion
9 Wolverhampton Wanderers 19 Norwich City
10 West Ham United 20 Newcastle United


Last season - 16th

This season - 12th

After losing their sure touch with managerial appointments after the failure of Mauricio Pellegrino and the short-lived reign of Mark Hughes, Southampton look to have got it right again with the charismatic Austrian Ralph Hassenhuttl.

He ensured their survival last season with a high-energy style that he will have further engrained in close season, an approach that saw a revival for the likes of Nathan Redmond.

If the excellent Danny Ings can stay fit and Che Adams can transfer his striking talent from the Championship with Birmingham City to the top flight, and Moussa Djenepo can adapt, then watching Southampton may be very entertaining this season.


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:pl: :soccer: Irrelevant games this Season
  1. City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Spurs

Saints: 10th if a good CB signed / 14th as is

  1. Norwich
  2. Newcastle
  3. Sheffield United

Nice to see you back Scrabble Saint, been anywhere exciting?


Haha yeah - Italy for a week; Spain for a week and then work has been a nightmare in between :see_no_evil:


Oh great. Now I’m flooded with adverts.
In fvcking Polish
I love this stuff, as usual will make every effort to come last without picking silly scores each week


There’s an app for that BTW.

Edit (As you’d already pointed out, ahem.)


And unlike The Athletic, dont have to pay.
And it drowns me in Polish adverts


A super computer is useless if the software running on it is crap. I am not saying this is, but one of the reasons that computers in general have had problems with replicating football is that there are too many variables.

Take Football Manager, widely regarded as the best simulator in the business for more modest machines, and look at how it actually works. It’s a remarkable achievement, because it does do a brilliant job, but essentially, what lies beneath are stats and dice rolls, with calculations repetitively to simulate a game of football and how each game affects the players within it.

The super-computer will be doing the same thing, except with a shitload more data and a shitload more granularity, but here’s the thing. Footballers are human, and human concerns are not always logical or predictable.

Would the super-computer ever cover John Terry’s philandering ways, or the effect it had on Wayne Bridge? Does it factor in the subtle, yet personal relationships at clubs?

I would love to see what the super-computer did with Brian Clough’s first title wins with Derby and Forest, or indeed, his time at Leeds.

We have come a long long way in technology, but humans are a tricky fucking species, and the way they interact with each other personally, subtly, is still something machines can’t compute.


I reckon Football Manager could really benefit from some more random occurrences.
Would love it if a headline flashed up:
“Jamie Vardy has requested a transfer after his partner was caught on CCTV blowing a greyhound at the Leicester track.”


I know you often say that computer games are not real. You can make them even less real if you’re a computer spod like me.

Back in the late 90s, Football Manager had all its commentary stored in a text file. I noticed this, and opened one of them up.

It was full of things like:-

{Player1} goes in two-feet on {Player2}!

I would change them to things like:-

{Player1} fucks {Player2}'s wife

And they would appear in game.

So in a sense, I was far better at predicting the Terry situation.

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“Danny Drinkwater caught in lay-by with 18 stone trucker named Malcolm. Groin strain. 2 weeks.”