New features July 7th 2018

New features July 7th 2018


There are two ways to send messages. Which inr are you using @PhilippineSaint?

You can press the big envelope at the top of the page (which gives you a sort of chat Interface) or you can press your avatar and then click the small envelope underneath.

And this is what it should look like on an iPad.

Let me know which one you’re using and I’ll try to do some screen shots.


I was trying to use the big envelope at the top




Nothing important, but on Android, the Topic and the category on the home screen are awfully close together for those of us with larger than average digits.
It is annoying for the shorter named threads because I go to click on it and end up in the “Topic” thread.
Maybe a half line extra gap? Only if it involves 7 weeks of custom programming of course. Wouldn’t want to worry over something that was easy


I love the turd and look forward to using it with gay abandon :tongue:


Poor, poor @Map-Of-Tasmania


When is the auction for his new name ?

When we win the world Cup

I will nominate World cup Willie


One thing I want to know is how you get the second line to your username? Bletch has got something about cross dressing and Oz Dave is digging for SMS. I want to be something and so far I’m just a vegetable in Carrotshire. Another fucking group I’ve not managed to join …


You’ve been granted a badge.

Check your profile and use the set title.


That will be the Bobby no badges then ?


Fuck it, refuse to use it …if I’m not in the Group, then fuck it.

Just asking for a friend … how long did it take to set up a fans forum online ?