New Feature - 27th July

New Feature - 27th July




Can you add a few million more pictures @saintbletch?
It’s simplicity of use is excellent, but seems a bit limited for choice.


Indeed. It is where many lose all reason and sense of principle or perspective. Did you know that people actually stop believing in democracy there?



Nope. I’m trading on facts, remember ? :smiley:


I don’t think so. I’ll check.


Hurry, I’m gonna run out of them pretty soon, like this evening…


It looks like it returns the top 100 meme images over the past 30 days.

So as the imgflip website users chose different images, so we’ll get different ones.

I might look into making it use more than 100.

I might not.

Just get creative. It’s the text that matters and not the image. Prolly.


Or learn how to make your own memes. It’s not hard, and you’ll learn something professionally useful.

@saintbletch is on a secret mission to lower the intelligence of Sotonians so he can look all intellectual and shit with his copy of The Daily Mirror Book of Facts.

Well, fuck you and your easy mode, bletch. And getting in there first, Toxteth O’Grady still holds the record for world’s stickiest bogey and number of marshmallows stuffed up a single nostril, having beaten his own records twice since.

The holder of the world’s stupidest bottom burp has changed.

Says bletch, Britain in my copy.

Get studying lad. I am prepared.


Though tbf, we couldn’t go much lower anyway - obviously not including yourself m’lord @pap and @Fowllyd as he knows big words and stuff… (tugs forelock / knuckles forehead)



My favourite film ever. So I forgive this.