:mlt: MLT : Portrait of an icon

:mlt: MLT : Portrait of an icon


I feel really lucky to have seen Tis play. If I ever see a better player in a Saints shirt it will be a marvellous day.

A couple of years ago I was given a ticket to a night at the Mayflower with MLT presented by Ed chamberlain. Not really my thing but it was free and it was brilliant. Crossley saved from MLT again. Appearances from Chris Nichol, Benali, Lawrie. Top night. MLT is such a natural. No airs and graces, says what he thinks and comes across as a really genuine bloke.

Just watch his clips. Even if you are not a Saints fans you still have to doff your cap.

Sheer class.


Absolutely. He was overlooked by England managers, because of his perceived lack of workrate and tackling etc. He was hung out to dry by Venables in 94


Scored that hattrick against Russia B


Barca’s Xavi named him as a major influence



All of these things make me love him more and appreciate being a saints fan a whole lot more.

I got to see and appreciate MLT as a player. A Saints fan experience. Everyone else just sees the player. We see The Saint.



I find this very interesting TM. A beautiful piece of music, a beautiful video, both of which mean different things to different people at the same time! As a Saints fan I view that footage in a different way to most of the rest of the world.

I enjoy my moment in front of the sun.


There’s so many top 10 Le Tiss goals videos.



Well, he’s been an unofficial ambassador for years - now he’s going to get paid



We need him on the playing staff really though!


Or at least, head of Southampton’s newly created Wizardry department, dead balls and piss-taking a speciality.