Man Caves (or women's dens): do you have one and what do you get up to in it?


I have a cellar… :lou_surprised:



I have a dejavu moment - haven’t we discussed dens before? :-\

I had a den, 2 homes ago to fill with my stuff (or junk according to my partner). This is mainly vintage bits for the side project me and my sister attempt to run. In the new place I have a cupboard for my craft bits as I like to make jewellery from old bits and bobs. We have a large balcony I have my eye on as a possible summer den. Have plans to make it quite private from people opposite and the road. Couple of bits of storage that look nice and I may get approval from other half.

Mr abandon you have a very cool hobby!



Saturday forum bants, I’ll ramp it up later so the forum will unify against me and my rapier wit and shite grammar…



Alas if I have become the forum bore © CBFry, once again by repeating a thread from the past, I must apologise… Never really considered making fine handcrafted instruments as cool… but thank you. :lou_sunglasses:



What resins do you use to coat the wood?



Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

Saturday forum bants, I’ll ramp it up later so the forum will unify against me and my rapier wit and shite grammar…

Unification Bazza? Surely this is against your principles?



I’ll take one for the team and could you say what you use to coat the wood with? Is it epoxy?



Nobody was insulting your grammar, she seems very nice.



Ar the finish you mean? Well sir its a complicated process that but is pretty similiar whether you use a Nitro-cellulose laquar or a melamine 2 part.

I use a melamine 2 part laquer as although nitro is much nicer and more traditional, it is also explosive vapour wise and need a very complex extraction spray booth.

Sand, sand sand through the grades down to about 400/500grit. Wipe with slightly damp cloth to raise the grain and then sand again… all in all about 5 hours of hand sanding…dull…

clean off all dust with a wipe with de-crystalised meths…

Seal withaalight coat of sanding sealer and then a 400 grit light rub =- clean

Get that sucker into the spray booth and suit up + full face mask -(NB I visit a friend who does this full time and use his facilities)

Base coats of 2 part laquer used as ‘grain filler’

dry for 24 hours

2 coats per day for 4 days

leave to dry for 2-3weeks

1500grit random orbital wet sand to take all gloss away -

Pollish on wheel

Cut back polish with a very fine compound (think a better 10 x finer version of T-Cut)

Elbow grease - and lost of it to buff to high shine…

(about 20 hours in total over 4 weeks)

… dont get me started on French polishing…

Lots of graft but effort is worth it…



…you did ask Barry… :lou_lol:

If wanting to get a nice finish on something a little easier then I would go for something like an TruOil finish… against takes time and effort, but no need for sprys or booths just patience - youtube vide will show you how.

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That is hard yakka Jesus and well beyond me, I’m making a table or looking at making a specific one with pictures in the resin on the top and was wondering how easily this could be applied, also I’ve made a garden table set and I’m not happy with the table top finish ie the varnish (its seems pliable,soft to touch) any suggestions for a hard finish,



I didn’t think you were the forum bore when talking about dens or wood.

…Now I fucking do



That is beautiful, that colour/depth is amazing.



Outside… 2-3 coats of teak oil is your best bet…

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I aim to please KRG, I aim to please :lou_lol:

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One thing I never learn from like last night is being a bit Brahms and going out to start cutting wood or painting at 0100am, measure twice and cut once and all that well this morning the garage looks like the Texas chainsaw massacre and if people like wonky 3 legged things and mixed paint against the grain well they are fucking well lucky as I have a shitload of it…



That’s truly wonderful Gay.

Lou loves wood. Who’d have thought?

So mine is my music room.

Aria semi-acoustic.

Taylor Big Baby guitar.

CD collection

Naim Audi pre-amp, power amp, filtered power supply and CD player connected to Quad speakers.

Audiophile PC streaming music to Naim via modified Perpetual Technologies’ DAC and EMU mastering grade sound card…

Don’t get in there enough to be honest.



Cool, what would you recommend for indoor use? Yacht varnish and epoxy?

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Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

Cool, what would you recommend for indoor use? Yacht varnish and epoxy?

Yacht varnish on the toilet floor is a must.

When I had a place in the UK wooden floors then all soaked in yacht varnish to ensure the sneaky wet stuff didnt get through and you can wipe the sprayed piss straight off .



That is so cool, Gay! Really beautiful too. Proper craftsmanship. My guitar (a Martin) isn’t shiny, but I love it just as much for the lack of finish.

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