Making the move away from Apple

Making the move away from Apple


Have used Android for the best part of a decade now and never regretted it once - iOS doesn’t sit well with me for some reason. Like Pap said, I enjoy the customisation that you get with Android and I find that iPhones are more expensive in terms of contracts for no apparent reason. Samsung is kind of getting caught up in the race to launch a new phone every 3 months like Apple does but there’s always a difference between the last one and the next which is nice to see. It’s not just a case of it being a different size, the interface and user experience is always much smoother and well refined.

As for those bloody earphones, it just goes to illustrate what a bunch of money grabbing cunts Apple really are. They literally couldn’t give a fuck about their users, it’s an excuse to squeeze an extra $50 out of anyone who wants to get the new iPhone.


Android (Samsung) phone.


Mrs G has iphone for work, Samsung for personal, ipad.

Kid G has Samsung phone, windows laptop and hogs Mrs G’s ipad. Wants a Macbook.

I love the Macbook and wouldn’t go back to a windows laptop. Not bothered about a tablet and happy with android phone.


I think people maybe overreacting to the lack of a headphone jack. Apple is supplying an adaptor … As standard. Stereojack ports are old tech. I remember the criticism Apple took for omitting a disk drive :smile:


The wireless earbuds are stupid and overpriced though


I have had wireless headphones for over a year now, as I find they are much better when rowing as the wire used to get stuck around the belt area of the body.

So no different for me as I use Bluetooth wireless anyway. They are not quite as hideous as the ones that Apple are bringing out though! Jeez.


Apple’s removal of the headphone socket on its latest iPhone 7 has had several knock-on effects, but one thing most people might not realise is that if you’re using wired headphones with it, you can’t charge it at the same time. Unless you buy a £35 adapter. Or a £49 dock.


Mrs C_S and teenage mutants #1 & #2 have been happy Apple fan-boy/girls for a few years now, but even they are starting to get a bit pissed off with the continual phone upgrades and degradation of phone quality after a year or so. There’s even talk in the C_S household of them switching to Android…

Biggest stumbling block is that they’ll have to admit that I was right all along…I can live with that.



Thought so! Not sure why they are so hideous, I have Bluetooth wireless headphones and they are small!

one flaw in this mock story, everyone who wears Bluetooth head phones or relies on Bluetooth products know that you will lose your signal. I pop my phone in my back pocket when cycling and that confuses the Bluetooth so much it thinks the phone is on another planet. No no, there is a body in the way now, lost signal! So up your arse… No hope!


Android (an htc - love it, and I enjoy not having either an Iphone* or Samsung like most lemmings)

Ipad (mark 3, bought by my previous employers which is the only reason I have it). Use it for surfing on a big screen and watching footy and thats it. When it dies, I suspect I will not bother replacing it.

Laptop. Lenovo (the Chinese mega business which bought IBM’s PC division 10 years ago). It is very very good and has never let me down.

* except this one - Iphone, supplied by current work. Mark 5. Utterly annoying and drives me mad compared to the htc, so I try not to use it at all. Cant wait to get rid

In summary, 2 apples products both bought / supplied by employers. Dont need them but happy to have the pad at someone else’s cost. For my money, no thanks Apple


The Apple ear pods (or whatever they are called) don’t actually use bluetooth when paired with the iPhone 7, Apple have decided that Bluetooth is crap and have jumped on a new format called W1 which is supposed to be better, Surprisingly only Apple are using it at the moment but Beats headphones (the ones all the footballers wear) are supposed to be going that route as well.

The AirPods will work with BT though, I believe.

The thing with W1 and the AirPods is that they will instantly pair with your iPhone when the box is opened, Apple will also transmit this pairing partnership to all your devices so you don’t have to manually connect to each device!! Good idea in theory, but I can see lots of problems, like pairing with another nearby device!!


I have a windows laptop but with an SSD so does help, ipad and have recently moved to an android phone from apple (an LG) whilst I’m waiting for my galaxy note7 to be available, have to say i like android but apple will suit people who have less understanding of the products.

But I still think ipad is the best tablet.


Only Apple product our family has is a MacBook Air my sister-in-law bought our son. Damn thing is the bane of my life. I activated the parental controls so it limits his access to a couple of hours a day but it’s so damn temperamental and only works half of the time. No amount of googling has found a solution. It’s also a very clunky machine, internet seems slower than on my LG phone, and as its a laptop and not a tablet the apps seem to be more limited.


Take it into an Apple store. They can help!


It was bought in the States and we’re living in Pakistan at the moment so not much chance of that happening :lou_sad:


Where it’s from is not a problem. Pakistan may be though!


There have been some interesting stories about Apple lately. The company is facing a couple of class action lawsuits for deliberately slowing down consumer hardware after the battery hits a certain threshold. Batteries not being consumer replaceable, this means you either get a battery upgrade ($79.99, folks) or a new phone. Either way, Apple gets the sale. The consumer thinks the new phone is ace because it’s not being crippled like their old phone was.

I mentioned this to baby pap bro, a recent purchaser of an X.

“I don’t care. I’ve got an iPhone X”, he says.

This is the market we’re dealing with. Short term, and doesn’t mind getting fucked as long as the bitemark on the buttock is a fetching corporate logo. We are long past the point where Apple is delivering market beating products.


This I-pad thing I am using will be the last Apple product I ever bought.

Back to bob standard generic bill gates windows for me when I throw this useless piece of plastic e-reader in the pool.


I used to have a little add-on in my online forum signature that cost nothing and used to drive the Apple obsessives fuckin’ mental. It was…

“Sent from my iPhone 6 (Beta)”

That was when everyone was on their iPhone 5…when the 6 came out I just went to iPhone 7 (Beta) It was amazing how many would message me to ask how I got on the development program. :lou_lol:


My junior at work got the iPhone X when it came out, we’re constantly ripping the mickey out of him and he constantly tries to justify the price tag.

us - You’re paying £50 a month for it!
him - No I’m not i’m paying £47
us - and you also paid £200 up front for it
him - yes but it came with 2 years of free Spotify premium
us - and what features do you really use on this new, super phone
him - face unlock and animojis are cool, apart from I can only send them to people with iPhones otherwise it’s sent as an MMS and they can’t reply.
us - what else?
him - wireless charging
me - place me old Samsung Galaxy 6 on a QI charger I have

I’m now at the point where the minimal technological leaps in ALL phones makes it pointless upgrading every couple of years. Better to spend less on an older phone, especially as very, very few people make use of the new features on their phones.

Browsing, sending messages, taking average photos, reading and listening to music. That’s the sum of what I do on my phone!!


I like my perfect answer…“I’ve never owned a smart phone or see the need for one”

If they say yeah “but you’re an old dinosaur” I just tell them I started working with computers in 1972 and built and ran 3 websites before they were born. :lou_lol: