🇫🇷 Macron's Yellow Vests

:fr: Macron's Yellow Vests


Coverage in msm? Surely not (ah it is the Fail

84,000 protesters



Look at them! Absolute fucking nazis!


Its because its now reactionary, against the French Government and they can align like say RT an anti EU/European agenda.


I really hit a nerve when I said the yellow jackets had right wingers in their ranks…


Yeah all those right wing firefighters tearing it up.


Err no, you can’t accept for whatever reason this large umbrella of protest has all factions of all sides on it, its not solely about fuel and left wing activism.
Its popular protest, nothing more nothing less.


So? Where have I said it was a left wing protest? It’s a pissed off at being piss poor protest at heart. I’m sure a good cross section of society is represented. It’s you who bought up the right wing shit.


You seem to think they’re all fantastic and the Government are all to blame, its a little but more blurred than that as always.


That’s all in your head Barry. I’m sure there are some right dicks jumping on these protests for all the wrong reasons. That doesn’t excuse the blatant lack of coverage/analysis in our msm of mass protests, right on our doorstep, in their 10th week. Spinning a ‘it’s right wing populism’ narrative is just bollocks.


Some of it is though, right wing populism is all the rage at the moment, didn’t you know?


Because not a lot is really happening over there, thats the truth, there are demo’s of course but they’re not massive and also there isn’t huge violence either, try and find anything from your sources?
My in laws have demo’s outside their business’s and it is bad for business I’d imagine but France still stumbles on, it demonstrates the failure of globalisation, the EU and how people feel disenfranchised from the whole democratic process.
What do the yellow vests want?
Who do they want in power?
Protest is good by the way not bad, its a sign of healthy democrac


Week 11 and the Nazi armoured division is out in force.



This obviously means a lot to you…


Not at all. I can post dick pics if you prefer.


An internal dispute which no resembles a muddled national strike isn’t really international news as it stands, have you considered that?


Yeah, the end of 3 months of demos, citizens being teargassed and beaten and tens of thousands of riot police on the streets. Nothing to see here.


But its not really like that all the time is it?


The demos are at the weekends. Have been from the start. What’s your point?