Is depression a big con?

Is depression a big con?


Love you man . Even if we only met once for half the Fulham away day (wtf happened there btw?). Not born rich or entitled - I’m from Hythe ffs!! Just have had a career that I fell into by accident early on and it got too late to get out of just when family commitments came along…


Oh, I’m in room 203 in the Travelodge by Junction…


In a Travelodge ?

That is depressing


I think this belongs here. Obviously I knew all about Frank Turner’s challenges but didn’t realise that Tim Lovejoy was also a mental health sufferer.


Frank has spoken recently about having CBT to help.


Been listening to this today. Excellent episode and some great other discussions about politics.


We should be very carefully not to conflate Tim Lovejoy’s mental health issues with him being a massive cunt. They are very different things. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be defined by his mental health but I would define him by his actions as a cunt.


So it’s mental health awareness day.


I’ve been rewatching Bojack Horseman recently, it blows me away how incredibly well it deals with and portrays mental illness, particularly depression.

There’s so much in the titular character that resonates so much, eerily so at times. I could probably pull out loads of quotes (the repeated use of “Stupid piece of shit” in the episode of the same name was an alarming observation, another incredible episode - that I relate to far more than I would like.)

But this quote, is probably the best characterisation of depression I have ever seen.

I don’t understand how people… live. It’s amazing to me that people wake up every morning and say: “Yeah, another day, let’s do it.” How do people do it? I don’t know how.


I so love that.


I havent watched Bojack, but as someone who suffers from depression I get that. “Just get up and live another day” is a real thing.


It’s one of my favourite shows (I’ve not got round to the latest series, mind). It is really funny, but as I mentioned above the way it deals with mental health is just brilliant.

I’d really say it’s worth a go.