I see Southampton shines again in an outstandingly shite building

I like the close-up.

From afar it looks skew-whiff (perhaps it’s the angle the camera was at).

I agree it has little to recommend it aesthetically, however, and does appear to have been designed with no thought by a 14 year old experiencing his first hangover.

Unfortunately for Barry Sanchez, the fag butt has failed to win the Carbuncle Cup 2015. That honour goes to the Walkie Talkie.

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That’s a great skyline. Not quite Toronto, but getting there. River obviously puts the kybosh on that. When did said monstrosity go up?

Toronto is a cold City with no real character at all with its modern practical buildings, Montreal is a far nicer City, Halifax as well. North America apart from early colonial era prefers practical buildings as opposed to beauty, even New York the skyscrapers up close are ugly and concrete monstrosities.

Pap we have a welcome to the City in South end, must be a money thing…

Not particularly well travelled but have to say Edinburgh is a very welcoming city, not just in the stunning views and architecture, but the people there too.

Edinburgh is a beautful City, we have an awful lotof them in this little Island, we also have an awful lot of shiteholes as well, yin and yang,

Having a pop at the Chinese immigrants now eh?