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:musical_note: Favourite lyrics in a song


When you took my hand

on a cold Christmas Eve

you promised me

Broadway was waiting for me.


You scum bag

you maggot

you cheap lousy faggot

Happy Christmas your arse

i pray god

its our last.


You took my dreams from me when I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can’t make it all alone
I’ve built my dreams around you.


Had hit records on my demo
Did y’all boys not get the memo?
I do not stay at the Intercontinental
And anything I got is not a rental
I own that mu’fucka
Figured out this shit is simple
My stock been going up like a crescendo
A bunch of handshakes from the fakes
But nigga, I do not wanna be friends though
I told y’all mu’fuckas
Man, this shit is not a love song
This a “fuck-a-stripper-on-the-mink-rug” song
This a “fuck-them-boys, forever-hold-a-grudge” song
“Pop-some-fucking-champagne-in-the-tub” song
Nigga, “just-because” song

Drake - Trophies (in honour of no swear filter)


This for The Raleigh Boy…

She said it was just a figment of speech
And I said you mean, ‘Figure’
And she said, ‘No figment’ because she could never imagine it happening
But it did

When we first met, I played the shy-boy
When she spoke to me for the first time, my nose began to bleed
She guessed the rest
The next day we went on a bus ride to the ferry

And when nobody came to collect our fares
Why I knew then this was something special
I couldn’t stop thinking about her
And every time I switched on the radio, there was somebody else

Singing a song about the two of us
It was just like being on a fast ride at the fun fair
The sort you want to get off because it’s scary and then
As soon as you’re off, you want to get straight back on again

But oh, love is strange and you have to learn to take the crunchy
With the smooth I suppose, she began going out with Mr. Potato Head
It was when I saw her in the car park
With his coat around her shoulders, I realized

I went home and thought about the two of them together
Until the bath water went cold around me
I thought about her eyes and the curve of her breasts
And about the point where their bodies met

I confronted her about it
I said, "I’m the most eligible bachelor in town"
And she said, "Yeah, that’s why I can never understand
Any of those silly letters, you send me"

And then one day it happened
She cut her hair
And I stopped loving her


You are right - I’ve always loved that!


Well, it’s been a very long time since a song has nearly brought me to tears, but this does it for me. It took me a number of listens until I got the subject - which is odd as it’s now quite obvious from the lyrics in the second half of the song.

A new star is born in the stillness of morning
The edge of the universe time is expanding
It’s endless as love infinitely small
Lights in the darkness, no reason at all

Billions of years away half moons are sharing
Glasses of wine with asteroids passing
A galaxy wakes on the wrong side of space
Gravity laughs in reality’s face

Somewhere there, like dust in the air
A sphere is drifting too slowly to bare
And clinging on tightly to rocks and stones
Are parasite’s calling this dust its home

Another second of another day
In this corner of space
In this dark, cold universe

This world that I’m living in makes no sense to me
I’m still dreaming about the man who fell to earth

A baby is born in the stillness of morning
Ten minutes past five they declared him alive
As tears roll down his mother’s cheeks
And a midwife breathes a sigh of relief

While just down the road the last of the drunks
Make their way home to pass out on the bus
While the first of the businessmen in shirts and ties
Get ready to sell some more of their lies

In the newspaper offices lights still on
They’ve been up all night waiting for things to go wrong
And nobody saw as the wheels came down
A young man silently fall to the ground

In the houses they’re turning on lights
Putting blindfolds over their eyes
Getting ready for another day at work

This illusion that I’m living in makes no sense to me
I’m still dreaming about the man who fell to earth

A body is found in the stillness of morning
A priest in the street calls out a warning
Somewhere above London an air hostess stands
A 747 is coming in to land

A farmer has started her work for the day
Somehow she knows that something has changed
Out in the fields she dreams of her son
Back to the day when his journey begun

An eagle is searching for food in the spring
A sperm whale sleeps while a hummingbird sings
A lover is waiting for news by the phone
Out in the fields a cold wind blows

Cross the world there’s flashes of light
They’ve been bombing the city all night
In the end, what’s it all worth?

This simulation that I’m living in makes no sense to me
I’m still dreaming about the man who fell to earth
I’m still dreaming about the man who fell to earth

A tear is traveling across some skin
Molecules of water in sodium spin
Atoms are shaking so infinitely small
Just lights in the darkness, no reason at all




I saw two shooting stars last night

I wished on them but they were only satellites

Is it wrong to wish on space hardware?

I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care


She’s less than sure if her heart has come to stay in San Jose

And her never born child still haunts her

As she speeds down the freeway

As she tries her luck with the traffic police

Out of boredom more than spite

She never finds no trouble, she tries too hard

She’s obvious despite herself

She looks like Eve Marie Saint in On The Waterfront

She says all she needs is therapy, yeah

All you need is, love is all you need.


‘’…the money gets divided, the women get excited…’’


Well she wore big knickers and she worked on t’ sewage farm

I got me 'and down her jeans and nearly lost half me arm,

But after ten pints she looked quite fit, couldn’t wait to get me 'ands on her flabby tits

Sweaty Betty, Sweaty Betty.

So I said slap that and ride the ripples, just got the get me gob round her greasy nipples,

She had a massive arse and sweaty breasts, 38 chins she was a mound of flesh

Sweaty Betty she eats all the pies

Sweaty Betty shes got massive thighs

Sweaty Betty have you smelled her breath?

Sweaty Betty she’d crush a man to death

I knew she wanted me to shag her, so i stabbed her cunt with me mutton dagger

I couldn’t believe the size of her bum, she used to play for Wigan at the back of the scrum

I’ve seen nowt like that since the day I was born, but you know me, I’ll shag owt that’s warm

Sweaty Betty, she eats a lot of chips

Sweaty Betty she’s got massive tits

Sweaty Betty she’s got a huge vagina

Sweaty Betty you’d fit a bus inside her

She’s so obscene, 3 tons of margarine, she’s like a lump of lard but Sweaty Betty makes my willy hard.

A rich and deeply compelling work, I feel.


Oh, forgot to acknowledge - The Macc Lads - Sweaty Betty.


And when we shoot for the stars
What a giant step
Have we got what it takes
To carry the weight of this concept?
Or pass it by
Like a shot in the dark
Miss the mark with a sense of adventure

I blame you for the moonlit sky
And the dream that died
With the eagles flight
I blame you for the moonlit nights
When I wonder why
Are the seas still dry?
Don’t blame this sleeping satellite


This has the lot - Love, Hate, Betrayal, Crying, Bus Stops and Chip Shops!!! …

I’ve been going out with a girl,
Her name is Julie
But last night she said to me,
When we were watching telly

(This is what she said)

She said listen John, I love you
But there’s this bloke, I fancy
I don’t want to two time you,
So it’s the end for you and me

Who’s this bloke I asked her
Goooooordon, she replied
Not THAT puff, I said dismayed
Yes but he’s no puff she cried

(He’s more of a man than you’ll ever be)

Here we go, two three four

I was so upset that I cried,
All the way to the chip shop

When I came out there was Gordon,
Standing at the bus stop

(And guess who was with him? Yeah, Julie, and they were both laughing at me)

Oh, she is cruel and heartless
To pack me for Gordon
Just 'cause he’s better looking than me
Just 'cause he’s cool and trendy

But I know he’s a moron, Gordon is a moron
Gordon is a moron, Gordon is a moron

Here we go, two three four

Oh she’s a slag and he’s a creep
She’s a tart, he’s very cheap
She is a slut, he thinks he’s tough
She is a bitch, he is a puff
Yeah yeah, it’s not fair
Yeah yeah, it’s not fair

(I’m so upset)

I’m so upset, I’m so upset, yeah yeah

(I ought to smash his face in.)

(Yeah, but he’s bigger than me. In’t he?)

(I know, I’ll get my mate Barry to hit him. He’d flatten him)

(Yeah but Barry’s a mate of Gordon’s in’e?)

(Oh well, I don’t care)

I don’t care
I don’t care
Cause she’s a slag and he’s a creep
She’s a tart, he’s very cheap
She is a slut, he thinks he’s tough…


A two hit wonder!


Originally posted by @Rallyboy

A two hit wonder!

I must have a stuttering press send finger?



What can I do to make light of this dull dull day

What switch can I pull to illuminate the way

Show me one direction

I will not question again

For a warm injection

Is all I need to calm the pain

What seed must I sow to replenish this barren land

Teach me to harvest, I want you to grow in my hand

Lets be optimistic, lets say that we wont toil in vain

If we pull together well never fall apart again


Son, I’m 30. I only went with your mother cos she’s dirty.

And I don’t have a decent bone in me, what you get is just what you see, yeah!


Shame to edit bits out of this piece of creative genius from Peter Gabriel in his Genesis Days, but it is really long otherwise!!

I give you The Battle of Epping Forest.-

There’s Willy Wright and his boys, one helluva noise
That’s Billy’s boys with fully-fashioned mugs
That’s little John’s thugs, the barking slugs, super smugs
For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out

Comin’ over the hill are the boys of Bill
And Johnny’s lads stand very still
With the thumpires shout, they all start to clout
There’s no guns in this gentleman’s bout

Amidst the battle roar, accountants keep the score, 10-4
They’ve never been alone, after getting a radiophone
The bluebells are ringing for sweet meal Sam, real ham
Handin’ out bread and jam just like any picnic, picnic, picnic, picnic

It’s 5 to 4 on William Wright, he made his pile on derby night
When Billy was a kid walking the streets, the other kids hid, so they did
And now after workin’ hard in security trade, he’s got it made
The shops that need aid are those that haven’t paid

“I do my double-show quick” Said Mick the prick, fresh out the Nick
“I sold cheap holiday, the minute they leave
Then a visit I pay an’ does it pay”
His friend, liquid Len by name, of wine, women and wands worth fame
Said, “I’m breaking the legs of the bastard that got me framed”
I’m breaking the legs of the bastard that got me framed, got me framed

They called me the reverend when I entered the church unstained
My employers have changed but the name has remained
All began when I went on a tour, hoping to find some furniture
I followed a sign, it said, 'Beautiful Chest"
It led to a lady who showed me her best

She was taken by surprise when I quickly closed my eyes
So she rang the bell, and quick as hell
Bob the nob, came out on his job to see what the trouble was

"Louise, is the reverend hard to please? "
“You’re telling me!”
"Perhaps, sir, if its not too late
We could interest you in our old-fashioned Stafford shire plate? "
“Oh no, not me, I’m a man of repute”
But the devil caught hold of my soul and a voice called out “Shoot!”

To save my steeple, I visited people
For this I’d gone when I met little John
His name came, I understood
When the judge said, “You’re a robbing hood”

But now, with a pin-up guru every week
It was love, peace and truth incorporated for all who seek
He employed me as a karma-ma-mechanic, with overall charms
His hands were then fit to receive, receive alms

We guard your souls for peanuts
And we guard your shops and houses
For just a little more, just a little more

In with a left hook is the bethnal green butcher
But hes countered on the right by Mick’s chain-gang fight
And liquid Len, with his smashed bottle men
Is lobbing Bob the nob across the gob

With his kisser in a mess, Bob seems under stress
But Jones the jug hits Len right in the mug
And Harold Demure, who’s still not quite sure
Fires acorns from out of his sling, here come the cavalry