🏆 ⚽ FA Cup 3rd Round (Proper) Games

:trophy: :soccer: FA Cup 3rd Round (Proper) Games


Yet another loss for Liverhampton

Clearly Klippety Klopp is concentrating on the league or a busted flush?!



Who the fuck are Acrington Stanley


Just got our Burnley tickets this morning. If we get through, I might have to stay up there for a week.

Bugger! Palace at home that midweek.


If Saints beat Derby I think Dan O’Farrell should do a documentary about going to the game at Accrington Stanley. Have a word @saintbletch


Klopp picked a team to lose, that much is obvious. No interest in or respect for the competition. I don’t know why Liverpool didn’t just withdraw and concentrate on their No 1 priority which is the Premiership, at least that would have been honest. But hey, this is Liverpool FC, honesty isn’t their forte.


Let’s hope it bites them very hard on the arse. Amongst all the media love-in for Klopp (and indeed Pochettino) it is almost always overlooked that both have yet to win a trophy for their current club (and in Pochettino’s case for any club).

If Liverpool falter in the Premier League, as they may well do, their supporters might just begin to wonder why an eminently winnable tie in the country’s main knock-out competition was treated so frivolously. The press will continue to love Klopp though.


Lovren getting injured after 5 minutes almost scuppered that plan though.


Not happy with the arrogant who are Accrington stuff on twitter.
They are the best run Community Club in the country and have a superbly outspoken chairman in Andy Holt.


We’ve got to beat Derby yet, But i agree with you, it is arrogant and not worthy of SFC, We are not Pompey supporters, let’s have a bit of class.