🏏 :engerland: England (and :walesisntit: Wales) Cricket 2024

Atkinson 5 overs 2 - 2

Not a bad debut, bowling up to 89 mph

What a catch from Harry Brook to dismiss Louis.


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Another for Atkinson who just looks the part

Nice catch by Root at 1st slip

Who gets Holder ct Brook next ball & is on a hat trick on debut


He has 5 slips, Gully, Leg Slip & short leg and gets another
Five for on debut!

1st catch for Keeper Smith on debut

What we don’t want to do here is bowl them out because nobody is gonna be able to bat on that pitch in these conditions

And Pope takes a cracker hit off tge middle of the bat.
1st for Woakes.

Game changed in 6 balls

148-2 30 overs
Pope out for 50 ish, creepy looking wobbly in the late 60s when he should be calmly squishing them like a bug

Had a good run out drove to Lidl collected Mrs P_F cooked a Pizza put beers in fridge, now back watching

Good call
Crawley yorked for 76


Awful shot to a short ball by Brook gone 50

Stokes 4 gets one that is going to hit a 7th stump, pitches in yhe rough outside off and uproots his middle stump.
Turned a mile, done him a kipper.

Root has his 50

Stokes just been castled by a ripper that spun out of the rough.

Stokes b Motie 4 (11)

Motie to Stokes, OUT

Bowled him, Motie has turned one big out of nowhere! Lovely loop outside off, and I think it may have dipped and landed on a footmark. Stokes loses control of his bat swing, plays well in front of his body and all around the ball in an attempt to whip it into the leg side, and it turns past his inside edge and crashes into his stumps

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Stumps :-

West Indies 121 & 79/6
England 371

West Indies trail by 171 runs

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How commentary should be done.



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