Disastrous first dates/one night stands/romantic encounters


The serious point is that it wasn’t 100% consensual - “no, don’t do that”, means exactly that doesn’t it? Arguably it is assault isn’t it whether it is a woman or man on the receiving end.

Guess the concept was alien back in the day.



Deffo need glasses.

I’m reading about Cobham and an Alien on a 1st Date disaster thread

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I would like to ask a question here.

Who has not, when having consensual sex said the following.


Ow Stop that fucking hurts.

What the fuck did you do that for?

and then recommenced proceedings to a happy ending after the other participant/s stopped rearranged what what going on and then continued.

If the answer to the above is none of you then I have been abused for years and need counselling and possibly a large compensation payout.



Exactly @philippinesaint



I initially thought nah! I can be on the receiving end of those comments but i wouldn’t cry STOP if a bus hit me, but then I thought bout it bit more and ur right. I get v.nervous when she’s on top. Unless she is being careful & got her angles just right I worry that she’s going to snap my cock off.

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At least you don’t have to worry about this any more

There is the old adage regarding relationships. When you first start seeing a girl you should put a penny in the pot every time you have sex. Once you marry or have cubs, every time you have sex you should take a penny out. That pot will never be emptied.



I’ve said that to myself a few Sunday mornings in the trot home, tbh.