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I like Justin Rose, he always comes across as a thoroughly decent bloke. I suspect the poor guy took his own life, the second sportsman recently. The young 20 year old Worcester cricketer was the other one. Mental illness is a bastard, difficult to understand unless you’ve walked in those shoes.


Justin really is a great guy, exactly how he looks. Qnd acts.
He and Kate sat with our small “VIP” Marshal group about 8 years ago at the pre-DP World launch party at Atlantis. Kate is quite some Woman as well.
Next day he took time diring practice to come over with Luke Donald and talk to a then 18 month old Grandson named after Luke.

Like many of the Tour crew of that era, great people.
Apart fromMcGinley who really was a miserable git


How the fuck can you “fall into a jet engine”??? :dizzy_face:

Dunno :man_shrugging:

If they had just started to increase power and he was too close to the intake he could have been sucked in, which is why we have guards and filters to the turbine engines we use offshore.

Rob Burrow, Rugby League, motor neurone sufferer, has died aged 41.

MND is such a cruel disease. :cry:

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Not looking good for Michael Mosley.

I’d never have heard of him before he went missing, except that he was invariably used for BBC website features on practically a daily basis. There was always a piece, “why you should eat xxx…” by Michael Mosley, "how to exercise with yyy…" by Michael Mosley…

I’m missing him already, and I’ve never seen a single one of his programmes or read any of the pieces. :frowning:

He is probably banged up in a Greek Gaol.

Corrected for you

I’ve been to Symi a couple of times. Lovely island but very rocky with plenty of places where you can fall from a height into the sea.

Death confirmed in a statement from his wife.

The whole of France will be in morning… :cry:

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