🎄 Christmas

Couldn’t see an Xmas thread so enjoy this alternative video


shit, something in my eye…


I was going to post something frivolous about Xmas movies.
Might do later after I take my hayfever meds

Hey Santa you miserly cock sucker, please can I have the personal brewery that I have asked you for for the last five years and you have neglected to cough up.

You must have been naughty.

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Oi Santa what about this

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I was going to go off on one about Christmas but then I watched the video…

My daughter spent her first 3 Christmas’ in hospital so it has extra feeling for me…

I meant to add that I have nothing but praise and admiration for the hospital staff that work over Christmas…


So the grinches are in full flow apparently we should ban:

Tinsel - waste
Wrapping paper - waste
Lights - energy use
The word Christmas - offends non Christians
Secret Santa - stresses out millennials
Crackers - single use blah blah
Turkeys - annoys vegans
Jokes - what does a transvestite do at Xmas? Eat, drink and be Mary

Bah humbug


Can I add “In Laws” to that list, please?


No, you have to endure

Oh and you can’t have any booze to numb the experience because it will offend, well, someone somewhere.


picked my secret santa today. One of the police officers in the office. Bit of a jokey bloke. I have a £5-7 budget. :woman_shrugging:t3:

What’s a secret santa?

Another American import where you get a name out of a hat and have to buy them a present and they dont know who its from.
its pathetic and should be banned Bah Humbug

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We did have a slightly different one a few years ago. Where everyone bought a gift. Then one person picked a gift. Opened it and took it. The next person could decide to steal the other person’s present or a new one. It was carnage but good fun.


I’m loving this Xmas already.
We were fully booked 23rd -2nd Jan back in September.
Last week we were full from 17th to 6th. Now with the dates of the Krakow Xmas market 29 Nov - 2nd Jan had a flood of quote requests.
In that I get a PARTY stop over in Zakopane ski Resort on my own on 23rd Dec
Could be that Xmas & NY Day my only non earners for 8 weeks.
Woo hoo

What with Phillips death and Andrew’s paedophillia, the queen’s speech this year might be a bit of a downer. I hope she gets some good news soon.

I think your Soviet election manifesto could be just the good news she’ll need.

If the price of an upbeat Queens speech is that I have to pluck the woman clean then sobeit.

Your self-sacrifice is an example to us all. Truly.

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Surely Wayne Rooney gets to do the grannies?