Boxing, who's in for the night?

Boxing, who's in for the night?


So who won?


Golovkin stalking, simply amazing, he doesn’t stop coming forward, Alvarez will only get this on the counter, Golovkin is genuinely one of the greatest ever, the pressure he puts on others is so consistent.


Fucking disgrace and fucking corrupt, a sham, a fucking sham, 118-110, that judge has for sure taken the money, Golovkin won by 4 rounds, Alvarez knew he lost, he fucking knew it, no way did he draw that, a sham.


So what was the official result ?


A draw.


Just watched it, Golovkin did all the pressuring for the majority of the fight. Canelo landed some heavy punches late on. 118-110 on one of the judges scorecard is a bit of a joke. Golden Boy promotions are happy though, a rematch and more money


Boxing lost.

Officially a draw.

I scored it:

Wayne Rooney 112 - 116 Lawrie Sanchez.

A really engaging fight which was superbly refereed but judged by people with envelopes containing pound notes in their back pockets.



Just watched it. Have to agree with this.

Adalaide Byrd is the Judge that gave 118-110 for Alvarez. I believe she has a history of this.

Good call before the fight Barry as well.


@saint-or-sinner . " Adalaide Byrd is the Judge that gave 118-110 for Alvarez. I believe she has a history of this…"

Calls on the radio for not allowing her to ever judge major fights again.

Seems reasonable, but as @saintbletch pointed out - it was probably judged by people with envelops stuffed with pound notes in their back pockets. Which if you think about it is stupid as we haven’t had pound notes for years…though I get what he meant.


I have to say after watching the fight i agree with Barry’s assessment. Clearly all about the re-match. I hope you managed to get to sleep afterwards Barry, and that sleep-wanking took the edge off your rage. My thoughts are with you!


I know i will have to put the tin hat on after making this comment, but what on earth is the bird Byrd doing judging a fight as important as this? Political correctness gone mad. Can you imagine the outrage if a man judge made a controversial decision in a netball world championship? We would never hear the end of it. I’m sorry but boxing is probably the last bastion of a male testosterone filled sport. I know that girls box nowadays, but it’s not the same. Anyone who tries to pretend otherwise, that girlies slapping each other in a boxing ring is somehow on a par with males fighting toe to toe, as they have been doing for the best part of 100 years, producing some of the greatest sportsmen the world has ever seen, is surely deluded. And afraid of being accused of being ‘sexist’ etc etc. I think the politically incorrect expression is ‘pussy whipped’ There, i’ve said it, i will now take cover!


Fighting talk @nottarf-krap




Ha ha, Fulla Krap, i love it! Do you know CS, you are probably not wrong :lou_sunglasses:! Especially at this time of night with 6 pints of Royal Standard Tap under my belt. Or was it 7? Whatever, who’s counting? Time for bed, maybe i will try this sleep-wanking lark, this could be Barry’s contribution to the world. Perhaps it needs tweaking a bit, i shall lay on my hand for 15 minutes until it goes numb, i am reliably informed that if you do that it feels like Kylie Minogue is doing it. I will let you know in the morning!


Just seeing if @nottarf-krap Krap is still awake


Nah, think he passed out a hour or so ago…


You both make valid points, however you are both guilty of a massive oversight. It would be dollars ($). Not pound (£) notes as it was in America. Unless you’re both implying that perhaps Eddie Hearn was involved? #pedant.


Was merely trying to keep it relevant for punters this side of the pond (& for any Brexiteers reading)



I am completely on the other side of the world and dollars it is shove your GBP up your arse


From Google:

:One estimate detailed that more than 75% of the nearly $600 billion in $100 bills circulates outside of the U.S. Due to its popularity, the American $100 bill is one of the most counterfeited currencies…"

Maybe you’re not as well off as you thought - best get checking those dollars under your mattress



I should really be into bitcoin as I gave my last $100 dollar bill to a tart