Black and White Stripes V Red and White Stripes

Of course, how many have we scored lately? They’re up for a scrap.

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Accidental up vote there Barry. Sorry.

Why can’t we play with Gabbiadini AND Carrillo? Gabbiadini as a 10? We scored a goal against Burnley when the latter headed back for the former.

Literally what is the worst that could happen? We lose and go down? Given current and historical form, there is a pretty good fucking chance of that happening anyway.

Something has to change. Anything will do at this point.


No dramas, I don’t down vote as its wet and pointless, you’re safe lad.

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Then we are also “up for a scrap”.

We have played 11 games this year.

In the ten games we have played this year, that have had at least one goal scored by either team, we have scored in 9 of them and first in 7 of them.


Does that make any sense or any difference? How many games have we won? How many League games this year have we won at home?


2-0, character and guts, they have it and we don’t, its as simple as that and the Palace fans piss all over ours, they never used to, St Marys doesn’t help us win games.

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Are we playing Newcastle this evening or is all this bleating on the wrong thread?


Upvote for the first bit.

2-0 to Newcastle and another game where we produce 0 clear cut chances, we’ll pass sideways and backwards in an efficient manner to keep personal stats are kept up but bollocks to the team and the club.

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Voted up for the personal stats bit. It kills invention. Pass it on, let someone else take the risk of an inventive pass.


Not going to comment on your thoughts about us, but I’ve become aware that “gutless” malaise seems to be wide spread these days (Arsenal for example.

Anyway, on the subject of gutless, this is a good OpEd piece on Chelsea and modern football in general. I think the EPL/Football in general is becoming turgid and is as big a problem to the world game than our own gutlessness at the moment.

Anyway, it is a decent opinion and the first paragraph you can substiute Chelsea for us which is kind of my point

Seriously? Alex Crook you utter pr*ck.

The LAST thing we need in the build up to the run in is negative press like this saying MP will go at the end of the season etc etc.

(Also - point of order for Bazza, WBA were going to sack Pardew. Have been unable to find ANY suitable replacement manager who would take the job or is available. Yes I know that is Les’s job, but then I have a job (just about) but even that doesn’t allow me to turn water into wine unfortunately)

Southampton manager Mauricio Pellegrino is facing the sack at the end of the season even if he leads the south coast side to Premier League survival.

The Saints board have already started drawing up a short-list of potential replacements for Pellegrino – who has won just five of his 29 league games in charge.

Fulham’s Slavisa Jokanovic and Ostersund chief Graham Potter are among those on the radar.

Pellegrino has fallen way short of the target he was set when he replaced Claude Puel last summer, which was to challenge for a European place via the league.

The Argentine could become the second Saints boss in as many seasons to lose his job despite leading them to Wembley.

Saints, who under Puel reached the EFL Cup final, face League One high-fliers Wigan in the FA Cup quarter finals later this month.

Many Southampton fans want Pellegrino fired immediately but vice-chairman of football Les Reed is reluctant to make a change before the summer and risk a panic appointment.


Those replacements I suspect are for if we go down, they’ll all get moves if we go down, they aren’t arsed plainly are they? Reed should of acted in October/November and Kruegar should have made sure he did it, they both didn’t do their job and who suffers? The fans, their pride and ego have fucked us, people say we shouldn’t have sacked Puel, we should of, they just fucked up the appointment and then the retainment of this useless man.

Lets be honest here what hurts is this is all of our own doing, a broken egotistical dream we can survive and thrive on producing players and selling without risk to the first team. Bollocks.

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Another must win, another we certainly won’t. It’s a very miserable way to look at it, but if we can’t dig deep at home to a relegation rival then I don’t see us doing it on the road either.


Not havign a go at you @gwc but as always there’s 2 sides to the coin. Stoke themselves are in the shit and they fought for their lives.

I think the stats I saw had us with 18 shots on goal, 6 on target, 7 blocked, 5 off target, That’s a good return in anyone’s eyes.

It’s also telling that Butland was MOTM .

Yeah the first half was shite, yeah Boufal should have scored but I believe the players did actually dig deep for once.

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We have one massive advantage playing away from home at the moment. A lot less fans.


BTW after Saturday I’d start with Boufal on the left and Redmond on the right, that’s the positions they were playing in when we had our best spell.



I would pick Sims over Redmond - other wise I would agree with that


Ah thanks, that’s given me a warm fuzzy feeling,