Bands I Wish I Had Seen

Bands I Wish I Had Seen


Tina Turner.

Saw her do 1 song at the 1st Princes Trust gig in the early 80s. Could and should have seen her at The Gaumont.

And The Ramones.

Had a ticket for Michael Jackson when I first came here. Gig/tour was cancelled due to the abuse allegations.

And at the time I’d rather have been pubicly disembowelled but now I wish I’d seen Abba.

Still hope to see Hall & Oates one day and Bruce at least once more


Saw them at The Gaumont in the early '80s…great gig, great backing band.


Tom Petty… I did see him once when he support BoB Dylan in 1987 at Wemble Arena, but a more recent gig would have been great, sadly missed that chace now.

@sadoldgit I was lucky enough to see REM in what I thought was their pomp… Green World Tour in 89 and again in 95 on the Monster tour. Great gigs