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Lol, yeah, I think the interesting point he’s making is that people are no more related to their third cousins than they are to any old Tom, Dick or Harry - after all, we share 99 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees and over 50 percent with bananas :smile:

Btw, there is an error contained within that cut and paste job I did; I tried to edit it but couldn’t because apparently I’d exceeded the character limit. An upvote for anyone who spots it!



My mum does most of the genealogy for our family, but I will probably get more into it if I ever have more time. My maternal grandfather’s family were all farmers in the Chichester area going back to the 15th century. Not that sure about other threads of the family, my paternal grandmother’s family came from Surrey and my great-great grandfather was a goldsmith (my grandmother told me that when she was a little girl he would put goldleaf on her cuts and scratches as its antiseptic), my paternal grandfather’s parents came from Newcastle (great-grandmother) and Herefordshire (great-grandfather) but met in London when they were both servants in some posh house in the West End. My last name Perkins is the Welsh version of a French name from the Norman conquest (Pierre-kin) so I guess the family is partly Welsh and French (makes sense with Herefordshire connection) but don’t think my mum has got that far back yet.