🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


In my experience a strange day…filled with sadness and a lot of joy…a feeling she’d have really enjoyed the day.


Hello there. I’ve drank a few g&ts. Still in the pub but a bell just rang so think that is it. Night tube back up to the north east from Hammersmith to look forward to.


Your new part time employment, potty mouthed, booze-hound lifestyle seems to suit you



Why thank you!


Just suggested to the Ayatollah that we get the night tube to the northeast.

She is pretending to be asleep




Completely agree. Had to go dark and block everyone out in the morning to keep it together, stayed strong to welcome as many as i could to the service, and do the reading in a way so she would be proud, thank everyone else i had missed ( remember that i hadnt seen many of them for 25 years).
In the pub making sure i sat with everyone equally and then got pissed with Bro, Sis and our kids.
Looking back, it was lovely, the Vicar was superb, his Eulogy had details i never knew.
Mum didnt like a fuss, there wasnt any, and it was a lovely send off.


She probably realised it was a reduced service.


You did it the right way. :sunglasses:


The missus said she was going out for a drink last night. She wasn’t lying. Rolled in at half twelve, rat-arsed, took myself and young adult #2 around ten minutes to get her from the en-suite bathroom into bed, a distance of about three metres.

I’ve reminded her of her exploits last night. She responds with chuckles.


More news coming in from ms pap’s big night out.

I stole an Irishman’s hat

… she explained.

Scousers, eh?


You sure that’s not a euphemism?


I don’t know Goaters, nor do I care much.

All I know is that she’s not denying me beer tonight after last night’s shit show :smiley:


Do i need to organise a search party for Bletch?


No, he’s been seen tapping Che Adams up…


A curate’s egg of a beer walk.

19km from the station out to Old Sarum via Laverstock stopping off at the Dark Revolution brewery on the old airport site WHICH WAS FUCKING CLOSED!

Walked around the old castle site down into town and hit 4 or 5 pubs (Wyndham, Salisbury Hotel, can’t remember, can’t remember) but nothing ‘crafty’ until The Bridge Tap which had a good choice including a sour and salty number called Goser the Gosarian.

Then back to The Tipsy Pig in Romsey where ironically they had loads of Dark Revolution and then curry and home.

The best thing about the day was not having to see or hear or read anything about the match.

EDIT: Oh yes, we had a pint in the Harvester by the castle too! Lol.


Where did you go for you curry…Naz’s in The Hundred? Need review if you did as they lost their drinks licence the last time we went there.


Yep, Naz’s.

Food was excellent but the INITIAL service was shit. We had to wait for ages to be served and then there was a long delay before the food came.

At the end, the founder’s grandson (Naz’s son I guess) gave the most heartfelt and passionate apology to us for the delay. My mate, who is a Romsey boy and annoyingly impatient, was spitting feathers about the service as he knows Naz from year’s ago. But the son’s apology was so genuine that my mate was eating out his hand.

Timing I think, John. We got in there just as the takeaway crowd decided to collect their Saturday evening fare.

The Vindaloo that I had was amazing - hot and deep and rich and smokey and sour which is why I’m gutted that I left the doggy-bag on the Romsey to Eastleigh train when I got off!

EDIT: Don’t know about drinks as we were on water by then.


Salisbury’s home match at Old Sarum was off. Were the Russians up to their tricks again?


Well, it wasn’t the weather - a little claggy underfoot and windy but nothing too bad.

Not really raining but there was a little precipitation in the air - really fine as if someone had sprayed you with a perfume atomiser.