🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Genepi is the poison of the night because some knob in the apartment bought a magnum of the stuff

Just what the doctor ordered particularly as we have to be on the first lift tomorrow as we are heading to La Plagne


Ner ner ner ner nineteen.



Have you asked for Boney M yet?


He’s waiting for the knob-drugs to kick in first…


Great set. It was like my mum had found my singles collection from the 80s (that’s she’s lost!) and I’d spent all night playing them.

I even danced a bit.

Pete says hello @Goatboy. Says he hasn’t seen you since you sang vocals for a band he was in? Did I get that right?


Nearly. Did he laugh at your shirt?


No, but I think he lied when he said he liked my skirt.


Oh jeez… @saintbletch in a fuckin’ kilt on 3rd degree burns night. :lou_facepalm_2:


Thought you might want some of the setlist to jog those moments you lost on Friday @saintbletch:

Admin · 1 hr
Thanks to the staff and customers of the Steamtown Brew Co. in Eastleigh for making us feel very welcome last night.
These were my selections (and we all played as many Scottish bands as we could manage too, because it was Burns night - the Scots often seen as a reserved nation really seem to have taken the eccentric Dead or Alive singer to their hearts).
Bob and Earl Harlem Shuffle
Stone Roses She bangs the drums
Associates Party Fears 2
Skids Into the valley
Big Country Fields of Fire
Del Amitri Always the last to know
The Smiths This Charming Man
Style Council Speak Like A Child
Aztec Camera Oblivious
Tears for Fears Mad World
Natalie Imbruglia Torn
Monkees Last train to Clarksville
Jesus & Mary Chain April Skies
Rolling Stones Brown Sugar
Bryan Ferry Let’s Stick Together
Salt n Pepa with En Vogue Whatta Man
Chic Le Freak
Odyssey Going Back to My Roots
Ike & Tina Nutbush City Limits
Aretha Franklin Think
Cornershop Brimful of Asha
Beatles Paperback Writer
Fairground Attraction Perfect
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams
New Order Blue Monday
Toni Basil Mickey
Culture Club Karma Chameleon
Kim Wilde Kids in America
Adam & The Ants Antmusic
The Cure Love Cats
Blondie Atomic


It was a great night for anyone around 50, but there were more songs than that.

I distinctly ‘remember’ hearing “In the Kitchen at Parties” by Jona Lewie, “Whishing” by Flock of Seagulls and “19” by Paul Hardcastle.

EDIT: So thinking about it, I guess those were Pete’s selections. There were a couple of other guys playing stuff too.


Yeah, Matt. Who probably went a bit Gothy and Alan (that’ll be the Paul Hardcastle).


I am around 50…(well 49 'til Nov) and that set is a bit well er meh… mind you I was probably around ‘40’ back in '85 listening to Dylan, Young and a bit of Nick Drake before he became ‘Famous’ ( I have an original copy of ‘Five Leaves Left’ that I found in second hand record shop in Ramsgate for £4.99 in 1984) so I am too fucking cool for ‘Mickey’ By Toni ‘Basil’ Brush…


If I went out for a Friday night and some cunt started playing Nick Drake I might have to glass them.


I have the image of Goat dancing to Karma Chameleon in a RaRa skirt… this image will now not go away… As I said, the 15 year old MoT back in 1984 was cool as fuck… today he is fat as fuck


… but the worst thing is when you click on the Bletch Icon/avatar thingy at the top of the page, you see this ‘throbbing’ thing in the background… this has freaked me out.


That throbbing thing is why he’s on antibiotics.


I thought I’d dosed you with enough to suppress that memory.
Alters charts.


Meds must not have been strong enough… fuck why do I feel an odd ‘memory’ sensation in the the anus right now…


Mrs and Miss Mot are out at Gramps and Granny Mots this evening… its only 1842 and have consumed a little lubrication to wash down a little curry… I must set alarm to make sure I am in bed by 9pm pretending to be ill to avoid suspicion of a ‘few ales’ being consumed beyond the ‘prescribed’ limit…


Anyone seen my watch?