🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


It was possibly the best stand alone Star Trek episode since TOS. Even Mrs D_P said Wow, FVCKING hell
I’m now celebrating by getting pickled


Brother. It’s about Spock, isn’t it?
Before the spoilers, can you let me know if it’s proper star trek, or Oprah Winfrey in space.
I worry it’ll be the second(always the optimist me).


It is legendary Star Trek
We see Spock for 20 seconds as a kid and then a couple of mentions.
If you didn’t know the ST Canon & this episode was the only repeat you watched on BBC1 in the 80s you’d say fvck me wow
IF you know the Canon & Menagerie (TOS Pilot) it’s even better.
Stunning TV


It has been an interesting week. The first of our bodies bubbled up to the surface yesterday, a recurring problem that our former boss silently sorted out. Took us a couple of hours to recover. Everyone remained calm and professional, and we were mightily relieved when we were fixed.

Big boss turns up with shitloads of wine, chocolate and praise for us. We’re feeling very supported and much loved.

I will soon be very pissed. I brought one of those bottles back with me :wink:


All sounds familiar.


In a strange way, i have a feeling that what you just wrote means something and it will probably become clear on viewing, but at the moment it’s another language.
Cannon? As in big gun?
Cannon and menagerie? Poor animals😢
TOS pilot? What’s a TOS and who’s piloting it?
Stunning TV. Ok, i’ll watch it :ok_hand:


Just remember what thread you’re on @Saint-or-sinner and that @Dubai_Phil is a few time zones ahead, so it’ll all make sense after he’s passed out and we catch up



Still have no idea how to decipher that but what a fucking great start to a new series!!



Might be a little bit cunted


I must be pissed, I’m watching women play cricket.



The women.


A nice surprise and a story. 15+ years ago on a road trip with the ex & kids we found a road side shop in chiantishire that sold Vina Santo sort of an Italian dessert wine/port clone.
6 years ago found same place on a village backroad with Mrs D_P bought a similar bottle.
As we are now drinking memories (Can’t export from here) we bought some cheese settled down and amazingly this is like a good 20+ year old Tawny Port. Going down really well watching the game


I thought I’d dreamt this but no, this is one of my friends drinking Pinot Grigio from a urine collection bag.

Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend drinking 8 pints of this:


Not sure which of those pictures is more wrong.
Think it is the sacrilege of messing with Wadsworths



Birthday champagne for partner.

Ps I found gift I hid.


Where was it?


Will send pics.


Really boring. In a bag in a wardrobe. Which I looked in and failed to see it. I’d say I need new glasses but I have several pairs.


Beer goggles work every time!


OK Sotonians, I’m out tonight with the girls from work and whilst I could just read the medical advice that came with the antibiotics I’m on, I thought the collective Sotonians’ wizzdom would be better.

Should you drink on antibiotics?

  • Drink away, Bletch, it’s a myth
  • Stay on soda water, Bletch, or “the nasty little itch” will come back

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